Intel Unveils Optane 800P M.2 SSD For Lightning Fast Laptops | CES 2018 Update

Today at the CES Intel press Room, Intel unveiled its next addition to the Intel Optane line; the Intel Optane 800P.  The 800P will start shipping in February and is a PCIe ‘2 lane’ SSD based on their latest technology which will be an amazing addition for a laptop, but for their size.

Initial release of 58/118GB just might make ultrabook inclusion a bit restrictive but Intel is hoping to see this SSD become a base system SSD for builders; it is bootable.  This just might be an ideal inclusion into laptops that can accommodate dual storage.


Performance cannot be disclosed as we are held to embargo but and pricing has yet to be disclosed.  The Optane 800P is based on Intel 3DXPoint technology and will include a 5 year limited warranty.  Further, endurance is listed as 200GB per day for the Optane 800P.


Intel might suggest that the 800P would be an absolutely fantastic base system SSD while the 900P seconds as a storage drive.  Its controller is based on that of the 900P and either SSD as a startup boot drive is the absolute best in system performance today.  Check our Intel Optane SSD 900P Review and see for yourself!!!



  1. blank

    Can someone explain to me what is the differences for physical type of connector between these new ssd that are coming out and for example the ones m.2 nvme from samsung 950 pro or 960 pro for example?!? Can I connect this ssd from intel on my mobo that has a 950 pro for example»?!?

    • blank

      i took the time to learn it just the other day.

      M.2 M key = x4 PCIE lanes generally high performance powered SSDs
      M.2 M + B key = x2/x4 PCIE lanes usually and can work with SATA SSDs, which SATA IS B key.
      M.2 A + E = low power x2/x1 PCIE lanes for wifi card, might have USB lane into it unsure.

      samsung 950 pro was M+B design, this optane module seems similar too, 960 evo and 960 pro however is M.2 M key.

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