Crucial T705 Gen5 2TB SSD Review – 14GB/s Becomes Just a Walk in the Park


UL Solutions has created a new storage gaming benchmark that we will start to use as new SSDs come in. The 3DMark Storage Benchmark DLC extends 3DMark Advanced Edition with a dedicated component test for measuring the gaming performance of SSDs and other storage hardware. It supports all the latest storage technologies and tests practical, real-world gaming performance for activities such as loading games, saving progress, installing game files, and recording gameplay video streams.

The Crucial T705 pulled well ahead of the competition in our 3DMark Storage Benchmark, as it should.



Traditionally, we have always described Crucial as a company that likes to sit in the weeds and monitor SSD success before jumping into the fray.  This seems to have changed in recent years as we see such great releases as the Micron 3500, Crucial T500 and then the crucial T700 which has met with a ton of success and, for the most part, is the same build and materials as the T705… as is that Phison Max14mum that we spoke about.  The Crucial T705 Gen5 SSD is top dog with respect to performance and it’s great to see Crucial/Micron making an effort to jump ahead as such.


Having said that, there needs to be a warning label on any SSDs running at these speeds which reminds me of CFExpress cards when they were first released.  Media professionals were burning their hands when trying to remove cards too soon after camera use.  They were that hot.  In our testing of the Crucial T705 we determined that it ran significantly hotter than your typical SSD and ours was consistently in the area of high 40 to low 50C.  Even at its ambient temp we never saw it remain in the 30 degree range.  But then again, we are speaking of a SSD that is pushing data around at 14GB/s, a speed not seen prior given exception to our Phison reference design testing and they used an active heatsink with a fan.  Depending on your use, we might recommend same for this SSD.  Most importantly though, DL Crystal DiskInfo and keep an eye on things.

Great build.  Great performance.  Great warranty. Great selection with that Limited White Edition.  Price…we might like to see come down just a bit.  Great job Crucial!



Crucial T705 Gen5 SSD Ratings

Product Build
5-Year Warranty
Pricing and Availability

14.5GB/s Speed!

The Crucial T705 is a top runner in SSD performance at 14.5GB/s data transfer speeds, well over a million read and write IOPS and a 5-year warranty. Highly recommended if speed is what you need!

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