Crucial Displays M.2 MX500 Retail SSD with Thoughts of the Future | CES 2018 Update

It hasn’t been a month since we posted our report on the Crucial MX500 consumer SATA SSD and we were discussing it, and the newest M.2 version of the MX500, at CES 2018 this week.  Looking back for a bit, we can safely say that Crucial/Micron is very comfortable with their newest 64-layer 3D TLC NAND flash memory, and all that it is capable of.

Available today, the MX500 is a SATA3 SSD available in capacities up to 2TB and we are happy to announce that Crucial has pushed their limited warranty to 5 years.  In comparing the newest MX500 to past crucial SSDs, we learned that there are no power loss capacitors seen on the PCB any longer.  Because of the beauty of their newest memory, Crucial/Micron has been able successfully implement this feature, now called ‘Power Loss immunity’ right into the memory package itself.


Next up, we will also see an M.2 version of the MX500 (still SATA 3) available in Q1 but pricing has yet to be listed.  Wait for it though…. Although Crucial has yet to introduce a consumer NVMe SSD as of yet, we just may be receiving some news soon enough.  Stay tuned in Q2 for what just might be some news Crucial.  It’s about time!

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