Toshiba Announces that Dell EMC PowerEdge 13G Servers Now Utilize Toshiba’s HK4 Series of Data Center SATA SSDs

Toshiba is announcing that Dell’s EMC PowerEdge 13G Servers now incorporate Toshiba’s HK4 series of 1.8” and 2.5” Data Center SATA SSDs.  The HK4 SATA Series of SSDs provide performance, latency, power and encryption capabilities that are enterprise-optimized, making them an ideal storage solution for file servers, web servers, media streaming, video-on-demand, warm data storage and search engines.  The HK Series features Toshiba’s proprietary Quadruple Swing-By Code (QSBC) error correction technology, which provides improved data reliability and protection via this highly efficient error correction code (ECC).

Toshiba-HK4-front-viewAccording to Ravi Pendekanti, senior vice president of server solutions product management and marketing for Dell EMC, “Dell EMC customers will now have more choices with this new collaboration, and the addition of Toshiba data center SSDs will offer customers choice in reliable, high performing and secure technology to support enterprise environments and applications.  An enhanced Dell EMC PowerEdge 13G Server portfolio with Toshiba HK4 encrypted data center SSDs, offers our customers better options for securing their critical company data.”

Dell EMC PowerEdge 13GAs we previously reported, recent reports from market analysts IDC identified Toshiba as the fastest growing vendor in the $17 billion dollar worldwide solid state drive (SSD) market segment, as well as the  $25 billion dollar worldwide hard disk drive (HDD) market segment, as measured by both units and revenue.  Toshiba continuously strives to strengthen their SSD lineup and to develop breakthrough storage solutions for enterprise storage and data centers in order to meet the demanding needs of these partners and customers.


Steve Fingerhut, senior vice president and general manager for Toshiba’s SSD and HDD business units, states that “Toshiba brings decades of storage experience and a broad product portfolio to Dell EMC and their customers.  Today’s news further illustrates our continued push to solve customer challenges with innovative storage products and our alignment as a long-term storage supplier of SSDs to Dell EMC.”

Toshiba-HK4R-specsFor more information, you can view the Toshiba HK4 data center SSD product page here.

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