Swissbit Announces New SD and Micro SD Memory Cards Featuring pSLC Technology

Swissbit is announcing their new S-46 (SD) and S-46µ (Micro SD) memory cards for high performance and high endurance applications.  Swissbit is a leading European manufacturer of DRAM and flash memory devices.  Both of these new Swissbit memory cards utilize the latest MLC flash memory with a page-based firmware translation layer (FTL), along with a single bit per cell (SLC) storage mode.  This resultant “pSLC” technology creates high random performance and high endurance that dramatically exceed that of standard SD and Micro SD memory cards.

swissbit-sd-card-bannerThe S-46 SD memory cards are offered in capacities ranging from 2GB to 64GB, and the S-46µ Micro SD memory cards are offered in capacities ranging from 2GB up to 16GB.  These cards are able to operate in a storage mode that utilizes only a single bit per MLC cell.  This pSLC mode is able to operate much faster than standard MLC mode, and increases the allowed program-erase (PE) cycles of MLC from the specified 3K to as much as 20K.  Under similar conditions, the endurance increase some 6.6 X, at a doubled bit cost.

swissbit-sd-card-s46-ordering-chartSwissbit’s sub-page based FTL permits the firmware to reduce write amplification to substantially low values, especially with random writes.  This results in endurance that is as much as 600 X greater than with standard industrial SD memory cards.  Both the S-46 and S-46µ cards comply with UHS-I bus mode, up to speed class 10, and provide sequential data transfer speeds close to 50 MB/s, with random write speeds of up to 1400 IOPS.

swissbit-microsd-card-bannerThese two new Swissbit memory cards feature proven read disturb management (RDM) coupled with an autonomous and performance-neutral “auto-refresh” process that operates in the background.  Swissbit’s degree of data care management improves data reliability, particularly with read-intensive usages.  The sub-page based management keeps “busy time” below specified limits under all conditions, permitting high sustained IOPS and assuring compatibility with a wide variety of networking and industrial SD applications.

swissbit-microsd-card-s46u-ordering-chartAnother advantage of pSLC mode is improved protection against data loss in the event of an unanticipated power interruption.  Swissbit also provides their Swissbit life time monitor (SLTM) to provide highly detailed status information about your Swissbit memory card, and provides a prediction of expected remaining lifespan, allowing for maintenance to be performed as needed.

swissbit-microsd-card-mainFor more information, you can view the product page for the Swissbit S-46 SD card here; and for the S-46µ Micro SD card here.  Pricing and availability have not yet been announced; samples are anticipated to be available yet in Q4 of 2016.


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    The new memory card comes with the latest technology that has longer erase capability and will last even more longer than before.

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