Micron Announces New Petabyte-Scale Data Center NVMe All-Flash Storage Solution – Accelerated Speed, Performance and Value

Micron is joining forces with Red Hat and Supermicro to offer a new all-flash Ceph storage reference architecture that accelerates the speed and performance of network unified storage.  This new architecture combines the scalability of Red Hat Ceph Storage, the rack-space efficiency provided by Supermicro’s 1U Ultra SuperServer and the performance and endurance of Micron’s 9100 MAX NVMe flash PCIe SSDs.

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Micron’s Accelerated Ceph Storage Solution meets the needs of enterprise storage systems that must efficiently deploy software-defined storage (SDS) that is optimized for I/O intensive workloads.  This is a 4-server node storage cluster that attains 1.1M IOPS and reaches 21.8GB/s throughput, and is able to simultaneously support over 7000 ultra-high-definition data streams.  This latest member of the Micron Accelerated Solutions (MAS) series of all-flash storage solutions carries the Micron SOLID Ready seal.

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Organizations today are faced with exponential data growth, and are seeking storage that can help them simplify and lower the costs associated with managing these ever-increasing storage growth requirements.  This growth consists of both large complex data sets and unstructured object data.  Traditionally, IT environments required two separate and often proprietary storage arrays to deal with these two different data types.  With virtualization and cloud computing now enabling the pooling of compute, storage and networking across an entire data center, IT departments want the ability and agility to deploy applications that are both scalable and cloud-ready.

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According to Eric Endebrock, vice president of Storage Solutions Marketing for Micron, “Solid state drives and DRAM represent a large portion of the value of today’s advanced server and storage solutions.  With the growing industry adoption of software defined storage and the ‘serverification’ of storage, enterprise customers should no longer have to overprovision but can now fine tune their storage performance for I/O-intensive workloads with building blocks like the all-NVMe Micron Acceleration Solutions optimized for Red Hat Ceph Storage.”

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Ceph is designed to be open source software that provides highly scalable object-, block-, and file-based storage within a unified system.  Polling at previous OpenStack Summits has indicated that OpenStack users prefer Ceph overwhelmingly as their chosen block device for OpenStack cloud deployments.  Red Hat Ceph Storage is based on the open source community version of Ceph Storage (version 10.2.5), also called the Jewel release stream.

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By utilizing Red Hat Ceph Storage, Micron is able to offer a unified block and object storage platform capable of scaling to satisfy the demands of both IOPs-intensive and throughput-intensive workloads.  The all-NVMe 4-node Ceph building block can used to scale either cluster performance or cluster capacity (or both), and is designed to be highly scalable for software-defined data centers that have tight integration of compute and storage, and attains new levels of performance and value for its users.

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