UPDATE!!!! Congratulations to ‘Seeps’ from Winnipeg, Manitoba!!!

The time has come and The SSD Review is putting out the call to all in need of a solid state drive!!!

On New Years Eve and at the stroke of midnight (not really but it sounds great), all of us here at The SSD Review will be huddled around a large barrel with small strips of papers within that have the names of each and every site member. We have 53 at present so chances are pretty darn good.

At that time, some lucky name will be drawn to win a Crucial C300 64GB Real SSD which is as close to new as it can get.

Crucial has generously allowed us to use this SSD for our first SITE GIVEAWAY and it can be seen in our recent article, RAID0 & The SSD – Simple To Build and Lightning Fast!!

This is the drive. It has only been used for testing in the past few weeks and has very little use. As the drive is not a ‘Crucial’ purchase any warranty is void, however, one has all of the assistance in the world here at The SSD Review if they experience any difficulties:

And these are the scores:


This drive (well not this one exactly) was reviewed by The SSD Review here!!!


1. This contest is open to all Site members worldwide but shipping, handling, duties and insurance are the responsibility of the winner.

2. In order to be eligible for the draw, one must register on The SSD Review and become an active member in the forum community between now and New Years Eve 2010. By active we don’t mean that you have to submit 25 forum posts a day, however, a single post of ‘Hi!’ just won’t cut it. We know there is alot of expertise out there and, as well, we have a ‘Introduce yourself’ thread which might be ideal. A simple introduction with a bit on your SSD background might cut it or even a note in the Contest thread to get things going!

3. As this is the first draw ever by The SSD Review, it is open to current members ‘who are active in the threads’ during the draw period. A current standing member will not be eligible if he hasn’t posted to the site previously or at least once within the contest eligibility period.

4. To win the contest, the selected site member must correctly answer a skill testing question which is:

68GB “ 4GB =___ (This only has to be answered after your e-mail is drawn!)


EDIT: If you want to know your odds, simply visit the forums at the top of this page and check the total member count at the bottom. They are pretty darn good right about now since we have less than a hundred eheh.




  1. blank

    Nice review.
    Not sure where current members are supposed to put the “answer”? 64GB

  2. blank

    This would be amazing to win.

  3. blank

    indeed it would be amazing , but I know the slugbug and his luck lol

  4. blank

    What would I do with another SSD??? Buy another notebook and upgrade its drive and give it to my wife.

    • blank

      Well you would have to make sure your laptop would have sata III capability to run this ssd at it’s max so I would suggest to use it in your desktop’s sata III as your OS main drive & install your programs on a separate drive.

  5. blank

    i would like to win this ssd.awesome giveaway

  6. blank

    This would be nice as a prize for the new year!

  7. blank

    Just trying my lucky for the draw. I’ve had experience with various SSD’s already. went through the Kingston V series, Samsung (1.8″) SSD that are in lenovo’s. the Intel 80gb and the 160gb-gen2 that’s pretty fast as well. man i wanna try the new SAMSUNG 256gb that’s suppose to be darn good even when filled to the brim…ahahah

    • blank

      Me too I have the G-Skill SSD 128GB & it was there first version which is a little faster than a regular hard drive. These new drives are way better in read access now.

  8. blank

    Been shopping around for an SSD which seems like forever! So i thought i might give this a shot! No boxing day sale can beat a FREE Crucial C300 ssd… which is the exact one i wanted!! I’m new here but computers/ssds/performance is my passion! Good luck to everyone!! Merry Christmas !!!!

    • blank

      Yup Good Luck & I was going to purchase this from amazon but it’s still to expensive for me but if I win I would buy it so i can raid them together & post my results.

  9. blank

    Hey Les remeber me? From NBR? By the way guys this guy KNOWS EVERYTHING about ssds hahahah! Awesome giveaway dude! You truly are generous man… and helpful! Maybe i can finally join the ssd crew on NBR if i win this 😀 … it’s been too long that i’ve been contemplating getting one 🙁

  10. blank

    Awesome give-away! I’m going to get an SSD somewhere even if I don’t win.

  11. blank

    This would be an amazing addition to a new build. So far I have a case, PSU and motherboard. I’m thinking of going with an i5 CPU and 4GB of RAM. An SSD for a boot drive would be amazing.

  12. blank

    shared on my fb page and twitter maybe we can bring more people to this community

  13. blank

    I hope I’m not too late to join the giveaway. It’s a superb giveaway by the way. Thanks Curcial for sponsoring this, and The SSD Review for holding their first draw. I’ll try to be active as best as I can!

  14. blank

    Wow, just found this site! Nice contest!

  15. blank

    post here? 64GB for the wife, come on!

  16. blank

    Congratulations to SEEPS from Winnipeg, Manitoba!!!!!

  17. blank

    Thanks Les!

    Awesome gift for my upcoming birthday 🙂

    Happy new year!

  18. blank

    Oh and thanks to Crucial and The SSD Review community as well 😛

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