Will Mac Beat PC to Release The First Bootable SSD/HDD Combination Laptop ?

Here is an interesting find if you follow the all to rampid ‘SSD Rumour Network’.

It appears that Jonathon from BGR just came out with a scoop from Apple Sources that the new MacBook Pro will be up for sale within the next two weeks and stores are presently readying their shelves for shipments in coming days.

The new Macbook is said to be about 1/2 lb lighter, contain bootable SSDs of a very questionable size of 8-16GB and the Mac will still retain the original hard drive of old for capacity needs.

This might mean that Apple is beating Lenovo to the punch after Lenovos earlier teaming up with Intel in their new 310 Series reviewed here .  We are of the opinion that, if Apple were making the smart move, they might have approached OWC and grabbed the new Aura mPCIe that was announced at CES 2011 and is presently available here.  This card absolutely flies and contains the industry leading SandForce SF-1200 controller.


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