We Are Heading To Computex in Taipei!

What a day!!!  Its been a long haul to get this confirmation but today we started our day with confirmation that we are heading to Computex Taipei and will be skeleton crew here from 29May to 6 Jun 2011.

That was just the start as we also received a few SSD samples in the mail for review to include the  OCZ MaxIOPS and Patriot Torqx2 and upgraded our cell phones to two new BB Torch phones!

Lets add to this by letting you know that we went out and splurged on a new Samsung Series 9 laptop the other day and were surprised to learn thats its mSATA SSD has top marks of any we tested yet!  Kingston then went and kicked in 8GB of their Hyper PnP DDR3-1866 RAM for us to throw in and this laptop simply rocks!  Whats that?  A few prelim piks?  We can do that!

The timing couldn’t be better as I remember all to well the chuckles and sneers of other press members as I typed away in the press lobby at6 CES,the only to have a PC for article composition.  I swore that the Samsung Series 9 would by mine on its first day of release in Canada.  Here lets give you the performance angle for a sec!

blankblankThis shot of the undercarriage of the Series 9 seems to be a rarity on the net right now but it shows just how well the Kingston HyperX fits!!!  Thats the Sammy mSATA 128GB SSD results on the left.

In any case, the words out and we are looking forward to meeting old friends once again as well as meeting new companies that would like to be a part of our family here at the Review in some way.  A bit amusing as it may seem but it was almost a solo trip for myself until word got out to our Co-Founder (and lovely wife) as to the clever advertising techniques utilized at Computex.  Apparently they put CES to shame!

Here is a shot of last years Samsung Marketing Crew!


On a serious note to all attendees who might like to get together, we are now frantically trying to get our social calendar arranged.  If you might like to have an appointment or have us drop by your booth, please drop me a note here at the site!

We also are brand spanking new to anywhere outside of North America and would love any tips or assistance to enable us to appreciate Taipei for what it truly is, an amazing part of the world!

Back to the reviews folks!  We should have a few out this week!

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