Virtium Finds Industrial Trends Entering Consumer Market – Flash Memory Summit 2015 Update

We previously covered Virtium’s release of their StorFly SSDs, which you will see are being offered in both M.2 and MiniCard form factors, as well as being designed to operate at very low power and provide a high degree of reliability.


While meeting with Virtium we discussed market trends, especially in relation to what they believe stems from the demand from the industrial market. While they see that the consumer/enterprise side of things has been demanding solutions for quicker drives with higher capacities, the industrial market has been slow to introduce SSDs into their systems. This is mainly because they require an extremely reliable drive that can be put through the ringer when it comes to the environment it is placed into. They told us that clients are requesting drives from them that are limited to a single watt of power consumption.

When we really think about it, much of the requests from the industrial side, such as small form factors, reliability and low power consumption, are at the fore front of requests now from the consumer/enterprise side of things.

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As we see PCIe/NVMe, as well as 3D NAND, coming more and more into fruition, it’ll be interesting to see what trends continue to flow from the industrial/client side to the consumer/enterprise side.

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