U.K.-Based Integral Memory Announces High-Performance UltimaPro X SSD – Up To 92,000 Read/Write IOPS

Integral Memory, a U.K.-based producer of solid-state memory devices, is announcing their latest SSD offering, the UltimaPro X SSD, which is geared toward high-performance usage scenarios, such as serious gamers, professional video makers and digital designers. The UltimaPro X pairs the Phison S10 8-channel controller with MLC NAND to attain sequential read speeds of (up to) 565MB/s, and sequential write speeds of (up to) 545MB/s.

UltimaProX SSD bannerIntegral engineered the UltimaPro X as an upgrade for high-specification computing devices that process super-high-resolution graphics, such as are now found in the latest 4K video games, and as are required by the likes of video content editors, 3D animators, other 4K video and high-resolution live broadcast cameras. For PCs running overclocked RAM and mutli-GPU setups, storage was long perceived as the bottleneck in this equation. Utilizing the UltimaPro X mitigates this bottleneck, and enables super-fast boot times, faster loading times and an ultra-responsive system.UltimaPro X SSD duo

According to Samik Halai of Integral Memory, “The Integral UltimaPro X SSD has been created to answer the needs of supreme performance and delivers the fastest experience in solid state computing.” (We believe that Mr. Halai means for SATA SSDs). The UlitmaPro X is able to attain random 4K read and write speeds of (up to) 92,000 IOPS.

Integral Memory logoThe Integral UltimaPro X SSD complements Integral’s line of UltimaPro X memory cards for consumer and professional photographers, who desire top performance for their video and photography needs. The UltimaPro X SSD is offered in capacities of 240GB, 480GB and 960GB. You can view the UltimaPro X SSD product page at Integral Memory’s website here.


  1. blank

    Thanks for the announcement. We have seen enough budget low end read intensive drives week after week with every nand shrink. Sata as I Know it is close to 600mbs read/write. Let’s make it a standard 600mbs read/write. That’s what we want. forget pcie ssds at
    the moment, sata is capable of these speeds let’s make it happen. stop with the slow write ssds when the tech is there to have fast read and write. these ssds should be featured and advertised more, not the million sata entry level ssds. Phison S10 8-channel controller with MLC NAND seems like the only company trying to make sata ssds faster everyone else wants to make it slower and call it budget read intensive. Now if we could only get a review of some of these ssds instead of announcements! LOL.

    • blank

      SATa 6Gbit isn’t capable of 600Mbit. ~550MB/s is the max practical speed of SATA 6g.

      Also, if you want fast sata drive, you have 850PRO. Best there is. S10 can’t touch that.

      • blank

        850 pro 256gb $139. Corsair neutron xt 240gb $109 and Hyperx savage 240gb $99. Just as fast looks like a better deal. If 850 pro is 1 what is the number 2 ssd the speed can’t be too far behind?

      • blank

        Unless you’re a specs whore, BX100 250GB for 84.99$ is the way to go.

        All of them are very fast in real world anyway.

      • blank

        This simply is not true. As there is a drive that uses two ports to handle data at 600 or faster. The problem is most of these drives get no spotlight because sata is very limited currently, until the new update which wont be ready for quite awhile. And personally I don’t want to offload everything to pci-e. But realisticly I want to know about all of the fastest ssd drives that are not pci-e. Because realisticly I could use these drives with a raid card or for actual practical use outside of being dependent on pci-e.

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