TSSDR Mega SSD Giveaway Week 1 – OCZ Vertex 4 512GB SSD (Contest Closed)

This week marks the second anniversary of The SSD Review and we wanted to find a way to celebrate and thought giving away a few SSDs might be a good idea.

Were we in for a shock?  The support we received in response to our request for ‘an SSD or two’ has been overwhelming and we think that, by the end of this giveaway, this one is just going to be that tough to beat! Help us celebrate our anniversary by taking part in our giveaways starting with the OCZ Vertex 4 512GB SSD.

Congratulations to our winner of a brand new OCZ Vertex 4 512GB SSD Michael Arnold of Missouri ! Contest Closed

That’s right.  Stay tuned for SSD giveaways from the likes of OCZ, OWC, Kingston, Memoright, Crucial, Patriot and others in upcoming weeks and be ready for it because one never knows what might be next.  This weeks is a OCZ Vertex 4 512GB which we are sure will get the attention but you just might see SSDs of all sizes and form factors, including an mSATA SSD or two along the way we are sure.  Each SSD will be brand new, in manufacturers sealed packaging and eligible for full warranty.

Now for this weeks draw of a OCZ Vertex 4 512GB SSD!!!!

The conditions are simple!

  1. Comment on this post!
  2. Like our Facebook post (https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-SSD-Review/155537374481634)
  3. Share our contest in some way, shape or form (ie. Twitter, your FB in a public post, or any other social site)
  4. Go to our Forum Post and comment on our contest thread for that week linking how you shared the post. (https://www.thessdreview.com/Forums/contests-giveaways/2695.htm#post26803)

Our first draw will take place on Sunday September 9 and the winner will be notified via e-mail of either their comments or their e-mail used when joining our Forums.  If the e-mails don’t work, we will draw another.

Heck visit the OCZ Site or Facebook Page and show them some love too!  We never expected them to kick in a 512GB SSD!

The contest is open to residents of Canada and the USA and, in accordance with Canadian requirements, the winner will have to answer a skill testing question (very simple) that will be sent to them on notification of eligibility and selection!  Our apologies to all other countries and, should a manufacturer ok other countries eligibility, we will be the first to amend the draw eligibility for that week.

This contest is not supported by or sanctioned by Facebook in any way.



  1. Good luck all!

  2. Sounds AWESOME! Thanks TSSDR!

  3. Great! I hope I win!

  4. Thanks for this contest! Awesome SSDs!

  5. thanks for the chance to win.

  6. Wow, what a prize!

  7. cool event’thanks

  8. Oh man!! 512GB of yummy goodness!!

  9. i love thessd review! HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY!!!

  10. Thank you! Thank you! This would be an epic win for anyone! Good luck everyone!

  11. oh soooo would love this will head to facebook and twitter (@roswello) to share now and then to your thread to show my shares, hope I did this all right, entering for my teenagers who would love this

  12. 512GB SSD for a giveaway… seriously!!! WOW…i know i am not lucky but heck… TheSSDReview…. you guys are THE BEST

  13. Awesome. Was thinking I need something bigger than 60 Gb. 😀

  14. very* cool. good luck, everyone!

  15. Awesome giveaway, thanks.

  16. great prize. hope i win

  17. I’ve completed all the steps and even shared with my friends 😀
    Hoping u all the best of luck ! ciao !

  18. shared, liked, posted, done, did it, completed !! good luck 🙂

  19. 512gb, now thats a good prize!

  20. Gotta love SSDs!

  21. Nice sized ssd drive.

  22. Great giveaway! Thx to The SSD Review!

  23. You also recommend where the best place to buy said SSD if you don’t win the one you’re offering…in fact I may just do that anyway…go price it myself

  24. Another great benefit to a great forum. I became a SSD user with the help I recieved here on my recent build.

  25. Sure could use some extra space. Only have 8gb left on my current drive.

  26. hope i can win! awesome giveaway

  27. Exceeding our expectations again with this great giveaway! Thanks

  28. Great contest from a great site!

  29. Wow! What an epic giveaway! Major respect to OCZ and all the other manufacturers for stepping up with such great prizes!

  30. Awesome. The speed gains would be incredible!

  31. Great way to start off the contest with such a big SSD! Good luck everyone.

  32. OCZ Vertex 4 512GB SSD…For the Win!!

  33. Love the chance to win me some SSD speed.

  34. Awesome product, awesome giveaway

  35. Great work you are doing Gang. As a microcomputer professional for 30+ years, I am following your email items as one of my very favorites.
    You are combining really valuable information ahead of the marketplace and also manageing to survive in a way that is not obnoxious or (visibly, at least) casutic to any of us readers.
    Good job!
    Robert L. Huber, Consultant
    SF Bay Area

  36. I already have a fast computer, but I can’t wait to speed it up even more with an SSD

  37. Gotta post for a chance to win!!!

    And your forums are excellent. The SSD optimization guides are excellent!!

  38. The best Drive ever!!!!

  39. Ocz Vertex SSD’s are the best !

  40. Would love to have one of these

  41. This will go great in the new fanless PC I’m building. Let’s all go No Moving Parts.

  42. I got the need for some speed! also known as mrcapncaveman. Good Luck to all!

  43. any ssd can help my laptop 🙂

  44. nice giveaways!..thanks for the chance.. im hoping to win.

  45. it would be incredible to win one of those

  46. give me all !!!!! win me all !!!!!!!!!!!!!! it will be from other space all to win one at least !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. It will be an huge update changing a HDD to an SSD…Sooner I see TheSSDReview

  48. I’ve been seriously contemplating an SSD upgrade and this would go a long way to my tri-boot environment.

  49. wow, this could be life changing for some lucky person

  50. omg my ssd is so small and its full to the brim. so hoping i win this

  51. Need a super fast and huge capacity SSD for my system.~

  52. my hdd is lower than what ssd…

  53. Would be a nice upgrade 🙂

  54. I found this site about 2-3 months before, and I’m enjoying those reviews.
    A good luck for everyone.

  55. it will improve my pc speed drastically

  56. This would be awesome! More space than my old seagate from ’06!

  57. i have vertex 2 but i want vertex to have more speed

  58. Need it as I never experience a SSD before. This would help me in building my new CPU with limited budget. klcc90@hotmail.com

  59. Sounds like a winner. An improvement over my current OCZ SSD.

  60. I would absolutely love to have one of these!

  61. Thats a whopping prize!! Look at the size of that storage! Fantastic competition and opportunity, thank you

  62. i will be update my motherboard and put in the SSD to make it more faster pls…. let me win it….. 🙂

  63. vertex 3 here. looking forward to win this 512GB as mine is 128

  64. Awesome! Step 1-4… check!

  65. Nice contest. Would love to upgrade from my Agility 3.

  66. Wow 512GB SSD sounds great. That’s a lot for OS and apps.

  67. I really need an SSD to speed up my laptop!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. Great give away! Thanks for this opportunity to win a great product! I’m still rocking my first gen Vertex 32gb!

  69. Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck to everyone!

  70. yay! ocz rocksssssssssssssssss!

  71. plss i want 1 this plss let me win plsss

  72. I would pass out in excitement, likely urinating myself too, if I were to win this SSD from you, lol. I’d be cool with that though, cuz at least the prize would be worth the embarrassment 😀 Man I sure could put this thing to great use!

  73. I have a 128GB OCZ Vertex 3 and I love it! It would be great to have more space though…

  74. you never stop to amaze me, nice giveaway

  75. Liked and shared. Hopefully I win! 😛 This is an awesome giveaway.

  76. Hoping to win it

  77. 512GB of fast would be very nice.

  78. Thank You for this wonderful opportunity !

  79. this would be a huge upgrade from my 5400 rpm HDD.

  80. Would love to try this SSD on my rig

  81. I’m still running a RAID 0 array of two Samsung SP2504C… 😀

  82. My pc is screaming for a drive upgrade and just to prove that theory .. https://s693.photobucket.com/albums/vv297/metalcraft54/Screenshots/?action=view&current=Untitled-8.png Thanks for accepting my entry, guys!

  83. My pc is screaming for an upgrade…would love to see SSDReview hook me up so I can unlock it’s potential. https://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv297/metalcraft54/Screenshots/Untitled-8.png

  84. Oh pick me, pick me!

  85. asbsolutely an amazing contest. I’ve posted in the forum (forum name JPC) and shared on facebook and twitter

  86. Thank you SSDReview and OCZ for this chance! I’m really hoping to kick it up a notch with one of these very large and very fast SSDs!

  87. A dream come true so close but yet still so far away a 512mb SSD would make my day! lol Thanks !

  88. WOO! Commented, liked, shared, and posted in the forum!

  89. Oh yeah! gonna WIN.

  90. Great idea on spreading the word.

  91. Thanks for the nice contest 🙂

  92. With this comment, I’m trying to win the SSD.

  93. too bad it’s not worldwide….:(

  94. Woohooo! 🙂 I’d LOVE one of these! 🙂

  95. what a great chance… Thank you 🙂

  96. Wow Canadians are eligible, it’s meant to be.

  97. Thanks guys!!

  98. perfect timing, my ssd just died

  99. Thanks for the contest, Looking forward to my new SSD. I love OCZ!

  100. Great contest! I’ve been looking for a ssd to boost my laptop and I’ve not been able to afford a large one. You can’t beat free!!

  101. Great prize, I hope I’ll be the winner

  102. Hope I win!

  103. OCZ! come to me… Just put a hybrid HDD in my MBP, but I would chuck the optical drive in a heartbeat for this hunk of speedy silicon loveliness

  104. 512GB makes me drooolll….! 🙂

  105. I need a new Bigger SSD

  106. I need to win this !!!

  107. i love you guys ,would love a ssd

  108. In it to win it!

  109. Id like to win!

  110. SSDs have become affordable enough for me to pop one into my main rig finally – maybe its time I took the no-moving-parts plunge… free would still be better though 🙂

  111. I would love to have ssd of my fav OCZ Brand

  112. in need for a new hard drive replacement

  113. I’m in – would love and SSD 🙂

  114. I need a SSD badly because my hard drive is running out of space! 5GB left and it’s in the alert mode right now!

    Help me out please?
    Otherwise I will be so handicap real soon :X

  115. Great giveaway, I would love to put this into my laptop for the extra speed!!

  116. Hey, I will take one!

  117. Having a SSD would make my life soo much easier 😛

  118. Cant wait to win this!!

  119. NEED! My little 60GB Vertex 3 only has ~6GB free…this would be an amazing upgrade!

  120. Hope I win! Need a new drive for my broken laptop (Christmas present from last year).

  121. wow 512 gib that would be so cool to win

  122. Cool giveaway liked and shared

  123. Could definitely use this

  124. Help me out with an upgrade! Thank you!

  125. comment on this post? This post right here?

  126. Awesome! This would be great to win!

  127. THis would make a great upgrade. Thanks for the opportunity The SSDReview!

  128. Liked, shared and entered! Thanks for the nice giveaway SSDReview!!! Link https://www.facebook.com/heather.kalist/posts/360566584023998

  129. I’m desperately wanting a large SSD. I just ordered one from Newegg, a 128GB Agility 3 for $65. But a 512GB Vertex 4…how do you people afford these things?!?!

    Hahaha – good luck to all!

  130. Thanks for the chance at an awesome prize.

  131. Les, this is awesome! I’m introducing many of my friends to the SSD review.

  132. Would LOVE to win this but, if I don’t congrats to the person who does. Looks like a great drive!!!

  133. I have been using OCZ vertex 4 since it debuted – and all I can say is OCZ makes some smoking fast SSD drives. No more spinning disks for me. And OCZ will be my first pick among SSD vendors from now on 🙂

  134. Incredible giveaway. Sign me up!

  135. An SSD would be nice, sure!

  136. I have the 128GB V4, not enough space! Help a brotha out!!

  137. this vertex 4 would make my sloooww laptop useable again!!

  138. When will the winner be announced?

  139. OCZ SSDs are really great drives, its a shame that a few marketing hiccups and technical support issues have trashed their name along the way. Sometimes things are bumpy when you’re blazin’ the trail first, and you at least have to appreciate their efforts turning out the constant firmware updates. Looking forward to buying a vertex 4 in my future (already a happy owner of multiple vertex 2s and agility 2s)!

  140. Great Giveaway…Would love to redo my build with one of these.

  141. OCZ drives are the only SSD drives I use — reliability and performance are top notch!

  142. Cheers to OCZ for limiting the countries eligible.. guess I’ll just have to go buy a Corsair SSD drive instead

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