Transcend Announces SSD740 SATAIII SSD Featuring JMF667H JMicron Controller

Transcend Information, Inc., a premier industrial-grade SSD manufacturer, has jumped on the JMicron bandwagon with their new SSD740 SATAIII solid-state drive (SSD).  Transcend is marketing their latest offering as the ultimate SSD solution for devices utilizing more advanced operating systems, including Ultrabooks, notebooks, gaming systems and industrial desktop PCs.  The SSD740 offers an impressive combination of performance and durability.


As seen recently at Computex, more and more SSD manufacturers are turning to JMicron controllers over SandForce versions for their latest product offerings.  JMicron controllers give SSD manufacturers more flexibility and control over firmware customization; as compared to the limitations imposed with the use of SandForce controllers.  A number of manufacturers have been able to move firmware customization into their own R & D departments.  This additional control can also result in longer warranties being offered.

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Transcend’s SSD740 features JMicron’s advanced JMF667H controller and DDR3 DRAM cache to attain speeds of 530 MB/s reads and 470 MB/s writes.  Incompressible data, including music, videos and images will benefit from the SSD740’s impressive 4K random read and write speeds of 283 MB/s and 267 MB/s.  The SSD740 also features full support of TRIM commands and Native Command Queuing (NCQ), which permanently remove deleted data and optimize execution of read and write commands, respectively.

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Transcend’s SSD740 is a 2.5″, 7mm form-factor, SATAIII (6 GB/s) SSD that weighs only 52 grams and features excellent vibration and shock resistance, enabling its use in a plethora of small form factor devices.  The SSD740 also supports the new SATA DevSleep (device sleep) capabilities, which significantly reduce power consumption by shutting down the SATA connection completely when it is not required, yet can power back up instantly as needed.  For portable devices, this has a huge impact by significantly increasing battery life.


On the durability side, the SSD740 offers built-in wear leveling, Error Correction Code (ECC) and full support of the S.M.A.R.T. command for drive monitoring.  The SSD740 is being offered in capacities of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.  The Transcend press release for the SSD740 can be viewed here.

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