Toshiba Releases NPEngine As Streaming Looks Set To Strengthen SSD Sales

Toshiba Corporation has announced the release of their NPEngine SSD to IP solution.

Optimized for the speedy transfer of video streams, the new product offers an unprecedented approach to providing high bandwidth video content across networks.

NPEngine is capable of delivering up to 64,000 streams at 40 Gbits per second from SSDs directly to a network, surpassing the capabilities of even the highest performance servers.

The main point that’s sure to pique the interest of potential buyers is the fact that Toshiba’s new stream delivery system is entirely self-contained, that is, it requires absolutely no help from other hardware such as CPU or memory, freeing up these precious resources for use in other pressing tasks. Considering that this specialized component is far more capable of performing such a demanding duty than even the most substantial dedicated server, it’s no surprise that Toshiba has been so spirited when it comes to promoting their new progeny. It’s true, the possibility of paying for fewer high performance servers really is something worth shouting from the rooftops, even more so when the substitute that’s replacing them isn’t just far superior when it comes to the smooth delivery of video content, but substantially less expensive as well.

In particular, not only does the NPEngine save corporations from having to spend large sums on dedicated servers, it should also, subsequently, effectively cut down on energy costs that are without a doubt a major factor influencing the buying decisions of businesses. Indeed, high power bills are one of the main offenders when it comes to ever diminishing profit margins, and analysts will do everything they can to ensure their company’s bottom line remains in the black. Another resource spared by Toshiba’s invention is space, which can be reclaimed due to significantly less demanding server requirements. Considering NPEngine’s real world ramifications on both real estate and power consumption, it seems Toshiba may have a bona fide winner on its hands.

I can’t help but wonder, though, where such a product might be implemented. Certainly, most businesses don’t need anything close to the sheer streaming capability NPEngine provides, right? We’ll, considering the proliferation of streaming content online, I’m hesitant to make any proclamations when comes to lack of demand for such a device. On the contrary, it seems there are numerous applications in which NPEngine should have no problem making a home for itself, flash video delivery and IPTV services being foremost among them. Honestly, who wouldn’t mind seeing cable TV services losing cash thanks to the lower prices Toshiba’s new creation will no doubt bring to the table. Considering the potency of this new development, it seems that the realization of such a scenario may only be a matter of time.

Finally, lets not forget that NPEngine functions exclusively with SSDs, no doubt due to their ability to deliver data at breakneck speeds. If Toshiba’s new offspring ends up as the unequivocal success it’s expected to be, we could see the emergence of another significant market for SSDs to thrive on. I have to say, the outstanding streak SSDs have been on for the past couple of years may be about to get yet another shot in the arm in the form of the constant that is the content delivery industry. This ‘injection’, however, may have the ‘side-effect’ of triggering an expansion of ‘pandemic’ proportions, ‘running its course’ in the months and years to come, exerting a profoundly ‘virulent’ effect on high prices.

When all is said and done, I think this is one outbreak consumers would be more than happy to endure.

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