Toshiba Introduces XFMEXPRESS™ – A New Form Factor, Innovative Connector, and Mobile-Friendly Footprint

Toshiba Memory America is utilizing Flash Memory Summit 2019 to introduce their new XFMEXPRESS™ Technology for removable PCIe attached, NVMe memory devices. XFMEXPRESS features a new form factor and a new innovative latching connector that greatly enhances serviceability and upgrade opportunities. Toshiba utilized their extensive background in single-package memory designs to develop XFMEXPRESS, with features that are designed to revolutionize embedded applications, IoT devices and ultra-mobile PCs.

With a primary focus on serviceability, XFMEXPRESS technology will lead to a new category of SSDs and small memory devices that are far easier to upgrade or service. XFMEXPRESS’s unique latching connector (a bit similar to CPU latching setups) offers optimized robustness and functionality that greatly improves ease-of-use, as well as improved thermal efficiency.

blankXFMEXPRESS’s small form factor, at 14mm x 18mm x 1.4mm, reduces the mounting space required for ultra-compact host devices, with no performance loss and improved serviceability. The minimized z-height (1.4mm) creates a form factor that will be ideal for thin and light notebooks, as well as creating a whole host of new design possibilities for future systems and applications.

blankAccording to Jeremy Werner, senior vice president and general manager for Toshiba’s SSD Business Unit, “Innovation like this is only made possible by redefining storage technology itself. From the PCB design to the connector, no other solution comes close to the combined size, speed and serviceability of XFMEXPRESS technology. Toshiba Memory is excited to introduce this revolutionary new form factor to the market and enhance next-generation applications.”

blankToshiba has designed XFMEXPRESS for speed by implementing a PCIe 3.0 NVMe 1.3 interface with 4 lanes, supporting theoretical bandwidth of up to 4GB/s in each direction, and up to 8GB/s in each direction for future devices. It is both PCIe 3.0 and 4.0 capable, configurable for either 2 lanes or 4 lanes, and is compatible with both current and future 3D flash memory sizes. The XFMEXPRESS technology is fully scalable as the market changes, and will help diminish design constraints and technical barriers.

blankToshiba will be demonstrating XFMEXPRESS technology from August 6-8th at Flash Memory Summit 2019. You can visit them at booth #307.


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    Looks like this could be a ‘performance’ replacement for the SD card. Much more speed and capacity would make backing up laptops easier.

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