Toshiba Announces Next Generation Solid State Hybrid Drives

Toshiba Electronics Europe is announcing the launch of their next generation of solid state hybrid drive (SSHD) that combines the large capacities of an HDD with the speed increases of an SSD.  The new versions merge 8GB of NAND flash memory with up to 500GB of HDD rotating disc storage in a 2.5″ X 7mm form factor.  These lower profile hybrid drives are great for slimline PCs and high performance notebooks and Ultrabooks.

Toshiba SSHD 4

The new generation Toshiba SSHDs are lighter and thinner than the previous versions, and come in either 320GB or 500GB capacities.  The caching portion of the SSHD is comprised of 8GB of SLC NAND.  The rotational portion of the SSHD has a 32MB cache and turns at 5400 rpm.  It utilizes a SATAIII (6 GB/s) interface, and can achieve a PC Mark Vantage score of nearly 20,000.

Toshiba SSHD 1

Utilizing an updated self-learning algorithm allows the SSHD to hold regularly-accessed files in NAND memory for faster retrieval.  Data that is used less frequently is moved to the HDD for longer-term storage.  The self-learning algorithm helps the drive constantly improve its performance, and significantly reduces boot times.

Toshiba SSHD 2

According to Martin Larsson, vice president, Toshiba Electronics Europe, “The launch of Toshiba’s new solid state hybrid drives will enable laptop and ultrabook users access to high speed, high capacity storage.  By combining fast NAND flash technology with HDD storage space, consumers can now enjoy the best of both worlds.  Toshiba’s years of experience and innovation in the storage industry means it’s in a unique position to capitalize on these benefits.  The new hybrid model is one of the top innovative technologies for Toshiba and its transformative nature heralds a new type of storage for the consumer.”

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The press release for the next generation Toshiba SSHD can be viewed here; the product page is available here.

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