The SSD Review SSD Database Is Live!

TSSDDB FeaturedHave you ever looked for specific SSD information but couldn’t find it?

Ever wondered who used such and such a controller or such and such memory?  Ever sought out SSDs by a specific manufacturer,  capacity, or even a specific memory type? By no means are we 100% complete just yet, but we think we might have a great SSD database that can help our readers out.

Thanks to the hard work of Rick Mauer, we believe we may just have the most complete SSD Database available on the internet.  Our featured picture speaks for itself and The SSD Database allows users to search for any SSD (well almost any) by manufacturer, controller, interface, capacity, memory configurations, size or type.  And thats just a start.

Any SSD can be found by simply checking or unchecking the hundreds of variables available for your search. And it is simple to use…  Simply click on Filter Options to open all configurations, click on the variable you are interested in, uncheck all and check only the configuration you are interested in and press Filter.  It is as easy as that.

Try it Out By Clicking Here and then click in Filter Options:

The SSD Review SSD Database Opening Screen

 That’s not all though!  If a review has been done here at TSSDR, a menu option will be available to check out our review, as well as another to check out Amazon pricing of that SSD if it is available in your geographic area on Amazon!

The SSD Review SSD Database - Manufacturers

 In any case, enjoy, good luck and please provide insight if you find this beneficial or have ideas for improvement.  Thanks again and please be easy on us; it is still a work in progress!


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      Thanks all by I am no more than the messenger on this one. Rick Mauer started this on his own accord some time ago and deserves all of the credit. It is nice to get a bit of visibility to watch it grow through the help of readers though.

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    Another great breakthrough, thanks Les!

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    SUPERB Les! Keep up the good work!

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    Nice! Looks great, will recommend to others…although any chance there could be a search bar implemented in the future? Might be easier if searching for a particular drive.

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    I think it is great. Don’t change anything functionally while people get used to it and while you correct any errors or omissions in the actual listings.


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