The Rise of Solid State Storage by Jason Bovberg

So…. I am sitting back running through the dozen or so articles that I have found on the internet today and I come across this article by written by Jason Bovberg of Windows IT Pro. I start to read the second para and, well what do you know, something I said was used as a quote. I know its not much but this is only the second time I have ever come across this and thought it fitting as a reprint here at The SSD Review.

The pessimist in me then decides to try and figure out exactly why I would have been quoted and it reminds me of a value that I realized just about 3 years ago when starting to do SSD reviews. They don’t have to be technical and should reach the audience that we are intending to reach, those new to SSDs who just want the facts…in plain english and explained as such if need be.

I hope we are accomplishing that with our readers because looking back at the quote used by Jason, the passage was from one of my first articles and only recently updated. The quote, however, goes right back to the first days of the SSD, just as it was written here…on October 5, 2007!

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