Team Group Releases Xtreem S3 Pro SSD As SF-2281 Performance Begins To Diverge

Team Group, well known for their memory and storage products, has announced the release of their Xtreem S3 Pro SSDs. The LSI Sandforce based product line will provide read/write speeds of up to 550MB/s and 520MB/s respectively. In regards to random write performance, the drives will deliver up to 90000 4k IOPS, setting a new precedent when it comes to LSI Sandforce based SSDs.

Though pricing hasn’t yet been announced, the products will come with a 3 year warranty.

Being another LSI Sandforce based product, you would think we’d all know what to expect with this release. Not necessarily so, as Team Group has taken it upon themselves to be a little more aggressive with their latest gear. Specifically, it seems that LSI Sandforce hasn’t quite yet revealed all the tricks up its sleeve when it comes to their controller software. It’s true, that as SSD firms become increasingly determined to differentiate their products, we may end up seeing more and more tweaks which serve to bolster performance in one way or another. When it comes to Team Group, it appears that they’ve elected to raise random write speeds to levels not previously seen on other LSI Sandforce based products, effectively separating themselves from the pack of similarly performing solid state drives.

Also of interest, at least to me, is that there are still so many new LSI Sandforce based product releases, even in the wake of the illustrious Intel 520. Seen by many as the veritable leviathan of this industry, Intel’s prodigy can’t be doing any favors for the bottom lines of other players in this now less than amicable market. While it’s true that Intel’s specially flavored firmware will eventually be released into the wild, that’s still some ways off. In the meantime, if manufacturers hope to capitalize on the remaining consumer base, they’ll have to seriously re-asses the characteristics that make their products stand-out to consumers. Adding extra performance is always a prime method of popularizing a product, as it seems people are especially enthusiastic about picking up something that can put their compatriots’ purchases to shame.

One final point I’d like to touch on is one of pricing. Indeed, seeing as SSDs based on LSI Sandforce hardware are quite prolific at this point, and in many cases, more similar than not, it seems like cost may end up being the crucial factor that determines which drives consumers would be willing to spend their hard earned dough on. It’s dollars and cents that will go a long way toward winning the day, as this is an aspect that many, if not most end users consider a top priority. Along those lines, if Team Group is able to price their product accordingly, while at the same time providing an enhanced number of write IOPS, they may end up having an unmitigated winner on their hands, providing a solid substitute in a world where similar specs seem to be the norm.

All in all, Team Group seems to have a solid offering in their new Xtreem S3 Pro SSD, unleashing IOPS throughput on the ‘ViRGE’ of escape velocity. Whether engaging in day to day computing or loading the ‘graphics’ of the latest games, there will be no need to hit the ‘decelerator’ when using this drive. If Team Group can manage to effectively employ cost ‘compression’ across their new product line, they may end up ‘transform’ing a sizeable segment of the SSD market, ‘lighting’ the way for other firms when it comes to livening up a product’s potential. With any luck, the Xtreem S3 Pro will be successful in braving the ‘Savage’ landscape that is the SSD market, as it looks to be set apart from the competition.

I have to say, this is one ‘Island’ I could really get on board with.

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