Team Group Announces T-FORCE CARDEA M.2 NVMe SSD

Team Group is announcing its fastest storage solution to date — the T-FORCE CARDEA M.2 solid-state drive.  Team Group’s newest is geared toward gamers, and features a PCIe 3.0 x4 interface that is capable of sequential read speeds of up to 2600MB/s.  The T-FORCE CARDEA also utilizes a custom-made cooling module that not only increases endurance for high-intensity continued usage, but is eye-appealing as well.  The T-FORCE CARDEA is an excellent choice for gamers seeking a storage performance upgrade.

TeamForce Cardea Mdot2 SSD bannerIn mythology, Cardea was the Goddess of Storm, and she lends her name to Team Group’s T-FORCE CARDEA, which is rated for sequential read speeds of up to 2600MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 1400 MB/s.  Random 4K read speeds are stated as up to 180,000 IOPS, with random 4K write speeds stated as up to 140,000 IOPS.  The NVMe protocol allows for even faster boot times and game loading, as well as superior system responsiveness.  Your system will communicate directly via the PCIe bus and connect to the PCIe controller of the chipset or CPU, dramatically improving data transfer speeds and reducing latency.

TeamForce Cardea Mdot2 SSD top viewThe T-FORCE CAREA features the first high-performance cooling module that is designed for gaming with an M.2 storage device.  Team Group’s cooling module features a patented gaming fin design, which allows for directed air cooling or natural convection to promote heat dissipation.  Gamers no longer need to worry about heat-induced throttling during intense gaming.  Team Group’s stringent testing and burn-in processes mean they can certify that their newest SSD will operate 15% cooler than normal M.2 SSDs, effectively extending its lifespan.

TeamForce Cardea Mdot2 SSD special effectThe T-FORCE CARDEA supports the TRIM command, as well as S.M.A.R.T. drive health and performance monitoring attributes and garbage collection.  Reliability is enhanced via Smart Wear-Leveling and ECC (Error Correction Code) functions.  Team Group is backing the T-FORCE CARDEA with a three year limited warranty.  It is being offered in capacities of 240GB and 480GB.  Pricing and availability details have not as yet been provided.

TeamForce Cardea Mdot2 SSD profile viewFor more information, you can view the T-FORCE CARDEA product page here.

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