TCS Announces Next-Gen Proteus 2 and Galatea 2 SSDs — Larger Capacity And Improved Performance

TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS), a leader in highly rugged and high-reliability soild-state drives (SSDs), is announcing availability of its new Proteus 2 and Galatea 2 SSDs.  The Proteus 2 and Galatea 2 both feature larger capacities and improved performance.  Many security and defense applications operate in very harsh environments, making the Proteus 2 and Galatea 2 ideal for those usage scenarios.

Proteus 2 Galatea 2

Data throughput for both the Proteus 2 and Galatea 2 has increased to 500 MB/s, which is double the data transfer rate of the original versions.  Maximum capacity for both has been increased to 512GB for Single-Level Cell (SLC) memory models, and up to 1TB of capacity for Multi-Level Cell (MLC) versions.  The 1TB MLC versions have four times the storage capacity of previous versions, which creates the ability to store much larger data sets and allowing for longer missions.

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TCS is utilizing their own custom controller and firmware on both the Proteus 2 and Galatea 2, which can be re-progammed and mass-customized for specific user requirements.  The TCS custom controller (and firmware) can be adapted to future generations of Flash memory, giving them a built-in degree of anti-obsolescence.

Galatea 2

The Galatea 2 models offer top level Advance Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, enhanced security via commercial-grade encoding, plus power hold-up circuitry that utilizes tantalum capacitors to achieve data robustness in the event of a power loss.  The Galatea 2 is compliant with Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Opal certification, which has become the industry standard for self-encrypting drives.

TCS Proteus 2 diagram

According to Bill Bettencourt, Vice President of TCS’ Space & Component Technology Division, “Both TCS Proteus and Galatea SSDs are well-known for their reliability and durability.  Now, with the next-generation Proteus 2 and Galatea 2, we have made a good thing even better by increasing their performance and capacity, while designing away any threat of obsolescence all at a competitive price.”

TCS Proteus 2

TCS’s Proteus 2 and Galatea 2 SSDs are among the most rugged available, and utilize the same milled aluminum case and associated “ruggedization” technologies as the Proteus Plus.  The Proteus 2 and Galatea 2 are built at TCS’s American AS9100-certified manufacturing facility, and are verified independently to meet the rigid MIL-STD-810 military requirements.

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The product page for the TCS Proteus 2 can be viewed here; and the TCS Galatea 2 product page can be viewed here.  The TCS press release announcing the Proteus 2 and Galatea 2 can be viewed in its entirety here.

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