SMART Storage Systems Introduces Cloudspeed 1000 SSD Line And Steps Out With The NAND Band

Having been involved in the storage industry for several years, we can tell you first hand that, traditionally, storage companies have typically been very conservative when it comes to marketing strategies.

This all changed at Storage Visions 2013 where SMART, not only introduced the new high endurance Cloudspeed 1000 line but also, introduced their new NAND Band to the world singing ‘Gimme Some Endurance’.

To start with SSD news, the CloudSpeed 1000 and 1000E SSDs are SMARTS new representation of 19nm NAND MLC flash memory technology, however, SMART is able to extent the lifespan of these SSDs by 5x through use of their propietary award winning GuardianTM Technology Platform providing enduance up to 3,070TBW and 7,680TBW, respectively. SMART Storage Systems_CloudSpeed 1000 and 1000E

The new CloudSpeed SSDs utilize a Serial ATA (SATA) 6 Gb/s interface to deliver up to 500/450MB/s sustained read/write performance and up to 80K/35K random IOPS and comes with a 5 year warranty.

In addition, the new CloudSpeed SSDs come equipped with a full line of enterprise features, including SMART Storage Systems’ third generation backup power circuit technology, full data path protection, data fail recovery, thermal monitoring and AES 256-bit encryption. The CloudSpeed 1000 is available in capacities ranging from 120 – 960GB, while the extended endurance CloudSpeed 1000E is available in capacities from 100 – 800GB.

Things didn’t stop there though as SMART introduced their new NAND Band at a great breakout event who played their first release ‘Gimme Some Endurance’.  Let’s take a look:

Nice turnout SMART!

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