Silicon Power Announces M.2 and mSATA Additions to M10 Lineup of SATA 6GB/s SSDs

Silicon Power, a world-leading producer of memory storage devices, is announcing expansion of its M10 lineup of SATA 6GB/s solid-state drives (SSDs) to include M.2 and mSATA form factors.  The M10 M.2 2280 and M10 mSATA SSDs are a high-reliability and high-performance upgrade for advanced portable devices.

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Systems utilizing motherboards with Intel 87/97 series chipsets and an M.2 slot, such as laptops, notebooks, ultrabooks and desktops will benefit from the mini size and high performance of Silicon Power’s M10 M.2 2280 SSD.

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Silicon Power’s M10 M.2 2280 is offered in capacity points of 120GB, 240GB and 480GB, all featuring MLC NAND flash memory.  Sequential read speeds are stated as (up to) 520MB/s, with sequential write speeds of (up to) 330MB/s.  Random 4K write speeds are stated as (up to) 40,000 IOPS.

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Silicon Power’s M10 mSATA is offered in identical capacity points as the M10 M.2 2280, with performance also stated as being identical.  Whether for gamers, DIY enthusiasts or professionals, both new M10 form factors offer significant performance gains in boot times, application loading, game loading and more.

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Both the M10 mSATA and M10 M.2 2280 support Intel Smart Response Technology, meaning more flexibility in choices for hardware upgrades.  This also allows for either M.2 or mSATA SSDs to be utilized as a cache drive to accelerate frequently accessed files and programs.

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Silicon Power’s M10 M.2 2280 and M10 mSATA SSDs also support the TRIM function, NCQ, and S.M.A.R.T. drive health and performance monitoring attributes.  Also included are ECC for error correction, wear-leveling algorithms, and bad block management.  Mean time between failures (MTBF) is stated as 2,000,000 hours.  Silicon Power is backing their latest additions to the M10 lineup with a three-year warranty.

SP M10 new release 2

Pricing for these drives has not yet been revealed.  You can view the M10 M.2 2280’s product page here; and the M10 mSATA’s product page here.  You can view the Silicon Power press release announcing the latest additions to the M10 lineup in its entirety here.

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