Seagate Announces New Nytro Family of Enterprise SSDs – Flash Memory Summit 2018 Update

Seagate’s presence at Flash Memory Summit 2018 is highlighted by their showcasing of their newest line of Nytro Enterprise SSDs.  Available in both SATA and NVMe versions, The Nytro SSDs are designed to be the backbone of enterprise cloud infrastructures, and is an excellent choice for IT managers looking to upgrade their existing storage systems. Both the Nytro 1000 SATA and Nytro 5020 NVMe SSDs are designed to provide ultra-consistent and ultra-fast performance for read-intensive applications.

Key features of the new Seagate Nytro SSDs include:

  • Power requirements – Nytro SSDs require less power to run 24×7, also saving on cooling requirements. Utilizing Nytro SSDs results in a noticeable reduction in overall energy costs for on-premises-handled workloads.
  • Versatility – The Nytro 1000 SATA SSD provides best-in-class versatility, featuring tunable capacity. Users have the option of adjusting overprovisioning to improve random write performance by as much as 120%, or optionally to utilize a drive’s maximum capacity.  DuraWrite™, a unique data reduction technology, provides industry-leading write performance and best-in-class read/write performance – up to 2.3 x higher than competing drives.
  • Dependability – Nytro SSDs provide the most reliable data storage technology, will upgrade an existing data center with robust enterprise features that improve quality of service and provide enhanced user experiences. Power loss protection helps ensure the integrity of data in the event of an unanticipated power interruption, with no loss of in-flight data.  Seagate Secure™ provides user peace of mind with features that include secure supply chain, secure download, and instant secure erase.

blankThis launch further expands Seagate’s enterprise SATA data offerings, and will be available in capacities from 240GB all the way up to 3.8TB.  For more information you can visit the Nytro 1000 product page here.  You can also visit with Seagate at Flash Memory Summit 2018 from August 7th through 9th in Santa Clara, California.  They can be found at booth #505.

blankStay tuned for further updates as Flash Memory Summit 2018 continues.

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