SanDisk Displays Optimus MAX 4TB SAS SSD – Computex 2014 Update

Checking out the SuperMicro Booth at Computex this morning, we got to meet up with an old friend in Pattie Davis, formerly of SMART and now SanDisk since that great acquisition.  She was showing off the new SanDisk Optimus MAX 4TB which takes its place as the industry’s first SAS SSD to reach that capacity in a notebook form factor.

SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD - 3

What we found so special about this chance meeting was the fact that she was displaying the Optimus MAX opened and we got the opportunity to see just how SanDisk was able to cram 4TB of memory into such a small SSD, using SanDisks latest 19nm eMLC NAND flash memory.

SanDisk Optimus MAX 4TB SSD - 1

Also, by throwing 22 of these SSDs in the chassis pictured below, we now have a high volume of 88TB available for our storage needs.  Can you imagine?  Check out the Optimus MAX specs and marketing here.

SanDisk Optimus MAX 4TB SSD - 4

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    WOW, that would be awesome to have in a 24 bay storage server. Imagine the speeds you could get? You would never have to worry about slow access ever again! haha

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