SanDisk Announces X300 SSD and STAR Services for Corporate Environments

This morning, SanDisk announces the X300 SSD and its SanDisk Tech Assisted Refresh services. The 24/7 mobile workforce continues to grow in the corporate world. HDDs are becoming too slow and unreliable. Corporations demand storage solutions with higher performance and reliability. SanDisk’s the release of the new X300 SSD and STAR program are the perfect solutions for these issues.

The SanDisk X300 SSD is the first X-series drive to utilize SanDisk’s latest X3 NAND along with their nCache 2.0 architecture. nCache 2.0 is a tiered caching technology that allows a portion the 3-bit TLC NAND to operate as SLC NAND. This allows for better performance in typical corporate workloads, increased efficiency, and improved endurance. To further improve end-to-end data integrity and reliability, SanDisk has implemented robust error-correction and XOR recovery technology as an extra layer of data protection.


“This mainstream corporate drive not only provides the reliability and performance companies need today, but also helps CIOs reduce total cost of ownership and shorten the time to return on investment.” said Kevin Conley, senior vice president and general manager, client storage solutions at SanDisk.

SSD Dashboard

SanDisk is also including their downloadable SSD Dashboard, which provides users with many management tools ranging from manual TRIM, firmware update notification, and drive performance and health monitoring. The SSD Dashboard also includes Apricorn EZ Gig IV cloning software for quick and painless migration from the old system drive to the new SanDisk X300 SSD. The SanDisk X300 SSD will be available in October in capacities ranging from 128GB to 1TB in 2.5″ from factors only.

Furthermore, today includes the launch of SanDisk’s new SanDisk Tech Assist Refresh (STAR) program for their X-series SSD line. This program has been developed to give CIOs and IT decision makers a hassle free solution for upgrading their employee laptops from slow HDDs to more efficient SanDisk SSDs.


“At SanDisk we’re keenly focused on being a trusted advisor to CIOs and IT decision makers in order to help address their key pain points—security, system reliability, employee productivity, and capex,” said Tarun Loomba, vice president of marketing, client storage solutions at SanDisk. “Our X-series portfolio is designed to address these pain points, and now with our STAR program, we can go one step further by relieving CIOs from the cumbersome process of migrating corporate information from existing HDD-based laptops to our highly-reliable, performance enhancing X-series SSDs, and do it for them in a timely, cost-effective manner.”

This program allows for reduced cost, increased productivity, and decreased risk. Replacing laptop HDDs with SSDs can save companies up to $608 per unit annually. This can lead to a 15x improvement in system performance and as a result, 35% increase in productivity and an 86% reduction in IT labor. Through SanDisk’s team of skilled specialists and time-tested tools, data migration is efficient and friction-free.


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