SandForce Integration Into LSI Complete

A quick note sent to me first thing this morning confirmed that the LSI integration of SandForce is underway and it is a done deal.

If you have any former SandForce contacts, simply change the ‘’ to’ and thats that.

Trust me when I say that this is going to mean BIG things in the PCI Express market but we can also expect the LSI logo to become very familiar in consumer products.

For anyone wondering what just may become of the SandForce name, the name and ‘SandForce Driven’ logo will remain as can be seen on the new ‘LSI Acquires SandForce’ site page as well as on SandForces home page itself where this banner is proudly displayed.

One things for sure, the world of SSDs will not be dying down any time soon (lucky for us) and some exciting things are sure to be released this year.  Actually, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the public gets a taste or two of new PCIe cards being introduced at CES with both SandForce and LSI components integrated within.

Customer response to the announcement has been very positive and we are pleased to now be able to fully demonstrate the benefits of the combined technology capabilities of LSI and SandForce, said Jeff Richardson, executive vice president and chief operating officer. Together, we offer the broadest storage technology portfolio in the industry, and are well positioned to help customers manage their growth and the explosive growth in data across enterprises and the cloud.

Happy Birthday Flash Components Division of LSI!

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    great stuff! im excited to see what they have in store 🙂

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