Samsung SSDs Available In Canada But At What Price?

A few weeks back The SSD Review posted our evaluation of the new Samsung 470 Series SSD and a barrel full of e-mails were received asking when it would be available in Canada. It seemed that it was readily available in the US but retail sales couldn’t be found in Canada.


It seems that our conversations with Samsung Reps, both at the retail and enterprise level, may have paid off because one of the worlds best SSDs is now available at NewEgg Canada…but at what price?

We are thinking that the 128 and 256GB versions are looking like excellent SSD purchases for the value conscious buyer right about now. Do you think sales may be lagging for the 64GB version?

What I am really concerned about s the number of product opinions that have been returned from those who have already grabbed one. I guess the Samsung SSD is worth its weight in gold and then some…

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