Samsung SSD Angels Travel Europe – Samsung SSD Love Mends Broken Relationships Worldwide

Its been some time since Samsung has put out an SSD video but they seem to be spreading the SSD love throughout Europe as of late.

It seems that Samsung has taken 50 of their prized 830 Series SSDs, one ambulance turned Tech bench and 4 SSD angels (of which one definitely is) and has toured Europe in hopes of mending broken relationships.

Europe?  What about the Great White North?  How about us Canucks? Hellllooooo….eh?

Let’s not waste any time getting to the goods here and get ready Angels; we are on route to CEBit 2012 in Hannover, Germany in just a few short days!

This is not the first time Samsung has pulled this off as many may remember their original video, aptly named ‘SSD Awesomeness’.

Keep up the good work Samsung and, once again, what about the Great White North?!?!?  (Cough, Cough)

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