Samsung SSD Angels On the Job At CES 2013 Las Vegas

The Samsung SSD Angels made their first appearance at CES Las Vegas 2013 and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to put them to the test.  For those new to the Samsung SSD Angels history, they have traveled the world ‘showing the Samsung love’ by upgrading sometimes unsuspecting people to the world of SSDs.

SSD Angels Starting Job

Not wanting to pass up a great opportunity, we had the TSSDR bosses Lenovo laptop on hand which is definitely not the easiest hard drive to SSD migration as it requires removal of the keyboard and then some delicate work inside the machine.  The SSD Angels assured us that no job was to difficult.

SSD Angels Trust Us

Let me be the first to say that I am rather ‘hands on’ and don’t remember the last time I never switched off a systems storage device myself.  Needless to say, gaining our trust with a system we were about to use for CES took a bit of work.

SSD Angels Job Done

This last shot was totally unexpected and shows my initial reaction to seeing the incredible performance of an SSD for the very first time. Who knows?  Maybe….just maybe…our readers might find a new 512GB Samsng SSD up for giveaway in the next week or so!

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