Samsung SSD 840 Specs Revealed – TLC Memory To Equal Lifespan of Competitors MLC SSDs

Today at the Samsung 2012 Global SSD Summit in Seoul, South Korea, details were revealed regarding the consumer driven Samsung 840 Series SSD, the most interesting being the fact that this SSD will be contain Samsungs own TLC memory and over provisioning.

Capacities are listed as 120, 250, and 500GB and the over provisioning is intended to increase the lifespan of the drive, surpassing that of many MLC variations on the market today.

MSRP pricing is listed at $109.99 (120GB), $199.99 (250GB) and $549.99 (500GB) and, for an extra $20, all versions are available with the Samsung Migration kit.


Performance for the 840 is listed at 540MB/s read and 330MB/s write with 98,000 read IOPS and 70,000 write IOPS at low 4k aligned write disk access.  Unlike the five year warranty of the 840 Pro, the 840 comes with a standard three year warranty. Another key to this SSD will be the ultra lower power rating increasing a typical laptops battery life just under an hour per charge.

Stay tuned for further updates on mSATA and enterprise releases!

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  1. blank

    what about the 840 Pro, is it still TLC memory? although they made it so TLC last to 3k Write cycle, it has more chance for error than MLC so it will have higher chance to die than MLC. I hope they dont use TLC in the pro version, that would really suck.

  2. blank

    I’d love to grab one of those 840’s and run it through an endurance test 🙂

    See if Samsung is telling lies or not!

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