Samsung Elaborates on SSD Firmware Scare – Very Few Series 830 SSD Owners Affected

Two days ago, we issued a release with respect to difficulties observed through installation of Samsung 830 Series SSD firmware numbered CXM02B1Q.  Samsung has since removed that version and replaced it with new firmware numbered CXM03B1Q which can be found here.  The release date is January 19, 2012.

In an extremely rare step forward, Samsung today contacted The SSD Review in efforts to clarify the situation and reassure customers that their Series 830 SSD is still ‘top dog on the block’.

In speaking to Ethan Rasiel, Samsung Director of Public Relations, Consumer Business Division, we learned that the core difficulty lie in the firmware upgrade being performed using a non-current version of Samsung SSD Magician which resulted in some SSDs becoming unresponsive after the upgrade. This has apparently affected very few Series 830 owners.

Samsung was quick to react, by trying to filter to the public, that a quick unplug of the power to the SSD, 15 second wait and reconnect would solve the issue and the original firmware was pulled for update. Samsung has since released an updated firmware, as well as an updated ‘Samsung SSD Magician’, which can be downloaded at

Mr Rasiel also pointed out that there has been absolutely no evidence whatsoever of a single ‘bricked’ or ‘dead’ drive being received by Samsung USA and stated that if anyone believes they have experienced this with their Samsung SSD 830 Series SSD, they should contact Samsung immediately.  We will go a step further by opening the door to contacting us, as well, in order to ensure that your issue is resolved.

At the end of the day, Samsung deserves a great deal of credit in their recognition and response to this issue in such timely fashion as it appears that very few customers were actually effected when comparing this to the success the Series 830 is having.  As well, our hat’s are off for Samsung’s decision to reach out and discuss this with The SSD Review in detail, a move that is definitely not regular business practice for Samsung.


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    Kudos to Samsung for their timely resolution to the issue, and also reaching out to the customers by clearing the air. Samsung taking the time to address the issue with the site certainly speaks volumes as to why they are one of the leading SSD companies!

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    Samsung is on my permanent never buy list. No updates ever if you buy an SSD drive installed as OEM… seriously.

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    No reports of a brick??? I have a customer that sent his brick back and now the replacement is also dead.

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