Samsung Acquires NVELO and Gains SSD Caching Software

Samsung Flash FacilityIn an unexpected move, Samsung has acquired NVELO and has added to their SSD portfolio with a proprietary caching solution that is arguably the most powerful in the industry.

NVELO Dataplex software has been examined here at TSSDR on many occasions and is the only that we are aware of that can provide nearly identical SSD specifications on a hard drive while cached with Dataplex.

For those wanting the meat and gravy, yes that means read and write performance in excess of 500MB/s for a typical hard drive. In the case of Samsung and their new 840 family, the potential for a top rated caching solution is a given, this including the fact that NVELO can also be used to cache secondary drives and not just the root.

The question of the day is one of strategy, however.  What becomes of companies such as OCZ, Corsair, Crucial, Edge, and Mushkin that bought into NVELO some time ago.  We have no doubt that Samsung will support present contracts but what is to come of the future as Samsung engineers develop this into the next generation?  As much as Samsung would be wise to weed out the competition for future releases, it just doesn’t seem to be part of their repertoir as we could have seen some devastating reactions towards Apple’s many lawsuits in recent past.

Dataplex-Logo“The acquisition of NVELO will enable us to extend our ability to provide SSD related storage solutions to customers. We are pleased with this transaction as the employees of NVELO share our vision to take SSD storage into the next-generation of performance and reliability,” said Young-Hyun Jun, executive vice president of Flash product & technology, Device Solutions, Samsung Electronics.

“The NVELO team is excited to join the Samsung family,” said Jiurong Cheng, president and CEO, NVELO. “We look forward to accelerating storage innovation in close cooperation with Samsung storage experts as we help to deliver fully integrated SSD solutions to the market.”

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    This may be the first of several “acquisitions” that Samsung has up their sleeve.

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