Runcore Announces Pro-V Max SSD as Perks Overtake Presentation

Runcore, well known for their myriad SSD products, has announced the release of their new Pro-V Max series of drives.

The products will be based on the SF-2281 and offer Read/Write speeds of 560MB/s and 520MB/s respectively. The drives will also deliver 87K burst IOPS, and over 60K sustained IOPS.

They also mention that the drive has a score of 770 in AS-SSD, which puts their new product in the upper echelon of SSDs.

The drive will be available in capacities of 60GB, 120GB, 240GB and 480GB. Pricing hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Runcore doesn’t mince words when it comes to their new product, and this is reflected in their press release, which is one of the most succinct I’ve seen in a while. That could be due to the fact that this is an LSI Sandforce based Runcore branded SSD, and maybe that really is “nuff said”.

On the other hand, it’s actually quite refreshing to see a marketing department with some self-restraint. I’m sure quite a few will agree with me when I say that the over the top marketing of many new SSD releases has become somewhat tiring as of late. Of course there’s nothing wrong with wanting to present your product in the best possible light, it just seems that there are better ways of doing that than bandying around buzzwords.

I think what consumers want to see is something that benefits them directly. I’m talking about things along the lines of bundled software that end users would likely find useful. In fact, some manufacturers have already adopted this notion in order to provide extra value to potential buyers.

For example, Samsung certainly seems to have the right idea, with the recent inclusion of Batman: Akham City with their 830 SSDs. With any luck, more SSD manufacturers follow their lead and provide extra consideration to the market segments that make up the biggest slices of their sales pie. Those who act early on could end up gaining a lasting foothold in the market based on extra perks alone.

Indeed, it seems that this is what is needed to stand apart from the crowd with more than just clever marketing speak or a catchy product name. Here’s hoping that SSD companies up the ante when it comes to vying for your hard earned cash. If they do, they may just end up setting off an industry rally at a critical moment that could have positive¬†ramifications for years to come.

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