PMC FlashTec NVRAM Caught in Action – FMS 2014 Update

It hasn’t been 48 hours our publishing of PMC’s newest NVRAM release and we were able to get some first hand shots, and also see it in action. Relatively new in popularity as of late, the NVRAM takes advantage of DRAM performance in order to speed up system data transfer.


The PMC FlashTec NVRAM is capable of unlimited endurance (as it uses DRAM memory), up to 10 million IOPS, and has flash based backup where a sudden power loss results in no loss of data whatsoever.  This was demonstrated at the show and is fully described in our first article.


Not so familiar to us true SSD fans, memory configurations of the NVRAM ar 4, 8 and 16GB.  It is a PCIe 3.0 x8 device with a operational life cycle of 5 years and is fully NVME compliant.

NVRAM Performance

As impressive as the IOPS and throughput of this live demo were, the latency was a true display of the capabilities of this product.  Without a doubt, it was the highlight of the show and many were pushing to get close enough for shots, something we haven’t seen in a while. Stay tuned for a great deal more on this device in the near future!

PMC Display 3x5


The SSD Review would like to thank Toshiba and Avant Technology for their support in our participation at the Flash Memory Summit 2014.


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    What is the advantage of this compared to a system with a lot of RAM and a UPS?

    • blank

      This is not made for a desktop computer. They are a strictly enterprise/data center tool that seem to have filled a niche that we really didn’t recognize IMO.

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      Also, in the enterprise arena, UPS’s are a significant source of power consumption. Being able to eliminate them across a whole data center’s worth of servers would represent a very large and very immediate power expense savings.

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