Plextor Displays New M6 SSD along with M.2/NGFF and PCIe SSDs – Flash Memory Summit 2013 Update

Plextor had a fairly good showing this week at FMS 2013 and did provide a sample of their upcoming M6 SSD for display.  Unfortunately it was in a simple brushed aluminum casing , void of any branding.  Rather unique however, was seeing how thin notebook form factors SSDs are becoming, this sample being only 5mm thin.

Plextor M6 BlankPlextor 5mm M6The highlight of this, and many other SSDs as we are seeing, is that it contains the highly touted Toshiba A19 NAND flash memory which is claiming to be the smallest and fastest performing mlc available.  Unfortunately, Plextor still doesn’t have specifications set for the PX-M6 as they are still fine tuning firmware.

Plextor PX128G5NEPlextor PX128G5NE BackAlso on display were Plextor’s m.2 SSD designs with the PX-G5Be capable of amazing 740MB/s read and 640MB/s write performance and over 106k IOPS.  The SATA version of that will reach 530MB/s read and 410MB/s write transfer speeds with 79k IOPS.


  1. blank

    Now we need to start seeing pci-e adapters so we can use the m.2s in our desktop pcs. Laptops can’t have ALL the fun…lol

  2. blank

    Would be fun to see a desktop PCIe v3 x8 card with two of these in RAID0.

  3. blank

    Waiting to snatch a M6PRO….

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