Plextor Announces M6 SATA 3 SSD and Displays NGFF SSD With 770MB/s Speeds – Computex 2013 Update

Walking into the storage area of Nangang Hall at Computex 2013, the first company one sees this year is Plextor who, as with most others, have a wealth of SSD offerings for potential buyers to check out.  As we would soon find out, the common thread of all SSD companies seemed to be new introductions as a result of smaller memory, M.1 NGFF form factor SSDs, as well as ultra small eMMC form factor introductions.

Plextor’s new introduction is the M6 SSD which, for the most part is a refresh of the M5, however, the 512GB version is available and with a staggering 768MB of DRAM cache memory:

Plextor M6 SSDPlextor M6 SpecsFor those not familiar with M.2 or NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor), it is the industry established standard to replace drives such as the mPCIe, mSATA as well as the numerous versions of the blade SSD.  You might noticed that the M.2 doesn’t conform to SATA specs and has speeds up to 770MB/s read and 550MB/s write.

Plextor NGFF SSDPlextor M2 Specs

Last but not least, lets take a look at just how small SSDs are getting.  eMMC has become increasingly popular with all countries and the SSD formfactor is just larger than a 25 cent piece:

eMMC SSDPlextor eMMC Specs



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    Apart from bigger cache for the 512GB, is there any info about new NAND or any new management algorithm in the M6’s firmware ?

  2. blank

    Is plextor (or any other SSD manufactuer) goign to release a NGFF SATA3 SSD? I plan to buy a Sony Vaio Duo 13 soon which uses this format but don’t have the money for the ridiculous amount Sony charges for a 384GB upgrade (800$ in Canada!!). So I will buy 128GB version now and upgrade in a couple of month (although I need to make sure the SSD in the Duo 13 is accessible).

    Do you know when 512GB (or 480GB) NGFF SATA3 SSD will be available?

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