Plextor Announces Limited Edition M2P SSD Line With Marvell Controller

Plextor is upgrading its SSD line with a new SATA 3 entry SSD called the M2P which apparently will only be a limited edition release.

The ‘M2P’ will be available in 64, 128 and 256GB capacities, contain the Marvell 9174 processor, Toshiba NAND flash memory and performance is much the same as we are already seeing from the updated Crucial line with 500MB/s read and 420MB/s write speeds. The SSD will also reach 70,000 IOPS at 4k random write aligned disk access.

Plextor also discusses something new within the SSD that they term as “Instant Restore” which maintains SSD performance through global wear levelling despite being in a dirty state.  We will try and get further information regarding this, however, it simply sounds like the same ole Marvell chip with the newly updated firmware that was recently released in the Crucial M4 line.

A ‘limited edition’ release nonetheless, will not help Plextors standing in the SSD community.  We would never have expected such from an SSD manufacturer as green as Plextor truly is having only entered the SSD arena with their last release.


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