PCIe SSD First Look – Samsung SSD Global Summit 2014 Update

By the time this is posted, our review of the Samsung 850 Pro SSD will be live and the world will be seeing the first SSD to use Samsung’s own 3D V-NAND.  This morning, we are in beautiful Seoul, South Korea, and guests of Samsung once again for this summit.  It’s a beautiful day and, well, it was also a GREAT opportunity to get some pictures out to you right off, simply to beat the crowd!  These first pictures detail Samsung’s enterprise offerings:


Samsung SSD Summit 201401

Samsung SSD Summit 201402

Samsung SSD Summit 201405

Samsung SSD Summit 201403

Samsung SSD Summit 201406

Samsung SSD Summit 201404

Samsung SSD Summit 201407

Stay tuned as we come to you for more updates during the Samsung SSD Summit 2014!


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    How will Samsung’s SM1715 compare to Intel’s DC P3700? Is there a time frame for release? Thanks

  2. blank

    When Samsung will release this products? Last year they annonced xs1715 but a year later there is still no trace in the market.

    • blank

      It is not that there is no sign of it, so much as the client numbers they expect for their product IMHO. We try to stay updates on what is available and when but, unless they offer you a samnple, information on any drive, including availability, is much more difficult to receive than other SSDs.

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