OWC Unveils Envoy Pro Mini Flash Drive and Aura MBP 2TB Upgrade SSD – CES 2015 Update

A quick stop and meeting with OWC CEO and Founder Larry O’Connor at the Other World Computing Booth during CES revealed two very interesting new entries to the SSD realm.  First up, OWC is introducing a brand new Envoy Pro Mini USB 3.0 flash drive in capacities of 120, 240 and 480GB and capable of speeds up to 433MB/s.

Envoy Pro Mini

Exterior surface and color might look familiar to Mac lovers but a closer look shows us that the shape is also fully functional with MBA and MBP use.  It’s shape extends the systems own contour in its own way and sits flush to the surface of which the system is placed, unlike a typical square flash drive that might not sit properly.

Aura 2TB SSD Upgrade

We also got a look at OWC’s latest 2013 Aura MacBook Pro upgrade which is available in capacities of 1TB and 2TB.  Does this now become the first official 2TB SSD released for main stream on the consumer market? As the picture depicts, this is a 4 x now Seagate SandForce SSD controller solution, capable of performance up to 726MB/s and initial pricing is listed at $899 (1TB) and $1479 (2TB) at OWC.


  1. blank

    $1479 thats just nuts an external 2TB HDD can be had for $178.
    Yes I know its Apple vs Pears but it’s still insanely expensive for a regular user.
    Was hoping to start seeing cheap 2TB SSD this year.

  2. blank

    once you have used SSD, spinning disk is for the birds or backups only.

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