It’s Official! Toshiba Completes Acquisition of OCZ’s Assets — Say Hello To OCZ Storage Solutions!

Toshiba Corporation, a world-leading producer of  NAND flash memory, has announced that it has finalized the purchase of nearly all of OCZ Technology Group’s assets.  OCZ’s new official name, effective immediately, is OCZ Storage Solutions.  Toshiba will operate OCZ Storage Solutions as an independent company, and plans for it to continue to be a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) and software for both client and enterprise markets.

OCZ Storage Solutions logo

Toshiba gains OCZ’s enterprise and client SSD businesses, along with the widely acclaimed Indilinx “Barefoot” SSD controller IP.  OCZ gains a reliable supply of NAND flash with Toshiba’s cutting-edge NAND flash memory.  OCZ Storage Solutions will combine Toshiba NAND with their proprietary Indilinx controller, firmware and software to supply both consumer and enterprise customers with cost-effective and innovative solid-state storage products.

Barefoot 3 block diagram

According to Mr. Seiichi Mori, Vice President of Toshiba’s Semiconductor and Storage Company, and Corporate Vice President of Toshiba, “The acquisition of OCZ further expands our solid-state storage capabilities and represents Toshiba’s commitment to this high growth area.  Our goal is to offer a leading edge portfolio of solid state solutions to address the storage challenges faced by both client and enterprise customers, and the acquisition of OCZ is an ideal addition to our team in realizing this strategy.”

Toshiba HQ bldg

Ralph Schmitt, CEO for OCZ Storage Solutions, states that “We are very excited to be part of the Toshiba family where we will continue to develop new and unique solid-state storage technologies that position the entity as a market leader.  With Toshiba’s financial strength and portfolio of leading-edge NAND flash memory, OCZ is now in an advantageous position as one of the few companies in the SSD industry with advanced controller IP and NAND flash supply under one global corporation, which will in turn help enable more robust and competitive solid-state solutions going forward while expanding our market presence in the rapidly growing SSD market.”

new OCZ logo

OCZ Storage Solutions, as a Toshiba Group company, will maintain its established global sales channels.  OCZ Storage Solutions’ company headquarters will remain in San Jose, California.  Strategic design centers will be located in Irvine (California), Tel Aviv (Israel), and Abingdon (United Kingdom).  The OCZ Storage Solutions press release announcing completion of the transaction can be viewed here.


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