OCZ Storage Solutions Announces Post-Bankruptcy Warranty Policy For Previously-Purchased OCZ Products

OCZ Storage Solutions, formerly OCZ Technology Group prior to Toshiba Corporation purchasing the bulk of their assets during bankruptcy proceedings, has defined their warranty position for products purchased prior to the bankruptcy filing.  As is often the case in such an acquisition, Toshiba Corporation purchased assets of OCZ Technology Group; but many liabilities, including any outstanding warranty coverages, were excluded from the acquisition.


OCZ Storage Solutions, A Toshiba Group company, will provide ongoing warranty support for the following series of products:  SATA-based Vector and Vertex families of SSDs, and PCIe-based RevoDrive and RevoDrive 3 /3×2 SSDs.  Agility-series of SSDs that are still within a current warranty will have coverage until 1/22/2015.  And, of course, any products launched by OCZ Storage Solutions on or after 1/22/2014 will be warranted by the new company.


Unfortunately, there will be no ongoing warranty support for many of OCZ Technology Group’s legacy and end-of-life products, including recently discontinued products.  The list of solid-state drive (SSD) products that are no longer being offered warranty support includes the following product families: Core, Apex, Solid, Solid 2, Solid 3, Colossus, IBIS, Enyo, Nocti, Synapse, Octane S2, Octane S3, Onyx, Petrol, and RevoDrive Hybrid.


Any non-SSD products produced under OCZ Technology Group’s name will not be offered any further warranty support.  Categories of products included in this list are DRAM memory, USB drives, power supplies, DIY notebooks, and other peripherals.


It is welcome news to the owners of  “current / recent” OCZ Technology Group SSD products that they will be receiving ongoing warranty support from the new OCZ Storage Solutions for their drives.  The bulk of the products that were excluded from further warranty support were likely already out of their original warranty coverage periods; or had little coverage remaining.  OCZ Storage Solutions’ revised warranty coverages can be viewed at their warranty support page here.


  1. blank

    So they are discontinuing support for products that really old and probably have no warranty anyway and some fringe low end stuff. The only product I see there that is even mid range or recent is the revo hybrid. As long as they still cover their Vector, Vertex, Agility, and Revo products that should cover most people anyway.

  2. blank

    I bought my Synapse at the the same time that the Vertex 3 line was out, not supporting the Synapse which is bundled with caching software is arbitrary and unfair.

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