OCZ RevoDrive 3×2 PCIE SSD Released To Consumer With a Bit Extra

Just a bit of an update to pass on that retail versions of the OCZ Revo 3×2 (480/960GB) and Revo will be hitting store shelves very shortly followed by the Revo 3×2 240GB a few days later.

OCZ’s initial specs of the Revo 3×2 left enthusiasts in a daze as the 240GB initially promised was nowhere to be seen.  The response was totally unexpected as we received countless e-mails,  all looking for answers with questions preceded by “but…but…but”.  Well, the Revo 3×2 240GB will be available, as originally promised, in just a few days.

As revealed in our review of the OCZ Revo 3×2 480GB SSD, there is something different on the all Revo 3×2’s as can be seen in the picture below.  It seems that some may have noticed that OCZ’s Superscale Storage Accelerator got a bit warm in testing and OCZ followed suit to fix that right up with a heatsink as seen here:

blankWe thought it only fair to test the difference between both so we through them in.  Here is a picture that you won’t see often and we won’t see for long as OCZ failed to omit return shipping information when sending this drive. #$%^&%%$!!!

blankWe carried on to a series of digitus secundus manus examinations and can happily state that the heat sink performs exactly as it should.  There was one other bit of fine tuning on the Revo 3×2 by way of identification on the back plate which can be seen below.

blankblankHope you enjoy the piks!!!



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    How many watts does it dissapate?

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    What’s a 3×2 Solid State Drive?

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