OCZ Opens The SSD Vault At The Aria During CES

OCZ opened the vault to The SSD Review during CES and spared no expense to make sure their goal was clear. They mean business.

Not only were they one of the few oems to showcase the anticipated SandForce SF-2000 series line, but also, their innovation was obvious through technology demos of the IBIS Optical HDSL with a transfer speed of a whopping 20Gb/s and the IBIS XL with 4TB storage.

On arrival at the Aria, we were met by Jessica Luken, the Director of Global Marketing along with Daryl Lang, VP Product Management. Let me say right off that the smartest move that OCZ has made in recent years with respect to SSDs is the hiring of these two people because they don’t miss a beat. Their knowledge of solid state drive technology is amazing.

Although we spoke of several things that must stay ‘in the vault’ for now, it was interesting to learn that OCZ is the only manufacturer that creates their own PCB layout versus the SF reference design which is why they can show it here.  It is built from the ground up by OCZ themselves.


The most pertinent upgradeS to the Vertex SSD line is going to be the Vertex 3 Pro and Ex which contains the SandForce SATA 3 SF-2582 processor and range in capacities from 64GB to 512GB. They have been working hard to tweak this processor and we can see that they have been able to push the SandForce initial specs of 500MB/s read and write to 550MB/s read and 525MB/s write with 75K IOPS at 4k random write. The Ex version will also be available in slc and will stretch the 4k write access IOPS to 80k.


One thing I appreciated about the OCZ vault was the opportunity to test the drives first hand as can be seen here with the Vertex Pro 3 ATTO result.



You are going to have to buckle up for this drive because the refresh of the Z Drive is going to bring us rocket speeds of 1000MB/s read and 980MB/s write with 135K IOPS and 0.1ms seek time which guarantees those amazing boot times we see from typical SSDs. The drive uses the SF-1565 processor and is available in capacities ranging from 300GB to 1.2TB.


For those new to the Revo and Z family, they are based on RAID 0 and the inclusion of the SandForce processors makes the requirement of TRIM non-existent as ITGC and DuraWrite technology will enable a very long lifespan for the drive and OCZ is advertizing a MTBF of a whopping 10 million hours.




  1. blank

    That’s really fantastic. But I notice the 4K speed is cut off…?
    Can you show the whole pic?

    SITE RESPONSE: As Requested.

  2. blank

    Something seems to be incorrect in the OCZ picture. If number of iops is ~75k for 4K, throughput should be about ~300M but you measure 500M. what gives ?

    SITE RESPONSE: Photos are as taken without any changes whatsoever.

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