OCZ Intros Vector 180 Series SSD – Computex 2014 Update

Our visit to OCZ this morning at Computex 2014 just hapened to coincide with their release of their newest Enthusiast/Enterprise level 6Gbps SSD, the Vector 180.  The Vector 180 is capable of 550MB/s read and write performance with up to 100K IOPS and will be available in capacities up to 960GB.

OCZ Vector 180 Series SSD - 02

OCZ has fined tuned their Indilinx Barefoot 3 M00 controller to highlight Toshiba’s latest A19 NAND flash memory, and also, to address that level of the SSD market that sits above the typical consumer and just below heavy enterprise applications, better known as the white box server market.

OCZ Vector 180 Series SSD - 03

Having visited several manufacturers on the first day of Computex, a very common thread we are seeing is manufacturers introducing SSDs with much better long term performance and consistency, that of which we are so used to seeing in enterprise level SSDs.  The big plus of this is that we will see much higher caliber SSDs at absolutely great prices; the Vector 180 will be a perfect example of such.

OCZ Vector 180 Series SSD - 05

OCZ went a bit further and also placed two RevoDrive 350 SSDs in a RAID configuration for some great performance in the area of 3.8GB/s (ATTO), but an interesting touch on this setup is the custom cooling configuration on each card.

OCZ Vector 180 Series SSD - 06

As much as everyone knows that ATTO is the furthest from ideal benchmark, it does show the absolute top one can reach with respect to performance; here is a closer look:

OCZ Vector 180 Series SSD - 07

Stay tuned for more releases as they transpire from Computex 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan!

OCZ Vector 180 Series SSD - 08

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