OCZ Introduces Intrepid 3 and Focuses on Enterprise – Computex 2012 Update

OCZ honed in on enterprise interests at Computex 2012 and that effort, along with their relocation from the Grand Hyatt to the Taipei International Convention Center, was proving to be an overwhelming success, as confirmed by Alex Mei, OCZ CMO.

Of particular interest was the Intrepid 3, the  enterprise version of the Vertex 4 with the Everest 2 platform that we reviewed a short time ago. This Vertex 4 excelled in random performance making it an ideal enterprise candidate.

In fact, taking a look at our AS SSD results, the Vertex 4 not only returned the highest overall score we have seen in a standard SSD yet, but also, it’s high sequential write performance is the highest we have seen to date by a long shot.

Also on display was the OCZ R5 PCIe Gen 3 x 16 SSD with it’s new skin!  Available in MLC, eMLC and SLC options with capacities up to 12TB and 775,000 IOPs at 4k random write disk access, this PCIe SSD based on the OCZ/Marvell jointly developed Kilimanjaro platform, is sure to get some attention.blank

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    Any performance screenshots of the R5?

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