Novachips Announces Scalar-Series of Solid-State Drives – First 4TB/8TB SATA/NVMe SSDs in 2.5” Form Factor

Novachips Co., Ltd, an innovative producer of flash storage solutions, is announcing the Scalar-Series of solid-state drives (SSDs), representing the first 4TB SSD in a 2.5” x 7mm form factor, and the first 8TB SSD in a 2.5” x 15mm form factor. The Scalar-Series of SSDs are based on a SATA 3.1 (6Gb/s) interface, and deliver sequential read speeds of (up to) 540MB/s. Also being introduced is Novachips’ new Express-Series of SSDs, available as either a 2.5” x 15mm form factor with capacities up to 8TB, or as a Full-Height-Half-Length (FHHL) add-in card with capacities of up to 16TB. The Express-Series of SSDs is built on a PCIe Gen2.0 x 4 interface with NVMe protocol, and offer sequential read speeds of up to 1500MB/s.

Novachips Scalar SSDNovachips Express SSD

Both the Scalar-Series and Express-Series of SSDs utilize a proprietary NVS3800 Novachips NAND controller based on 28nm process technology. Their innovative Hyperlink NAND (HLNAND) Flash uses the newest MLC/TLC/3D NAND flash combined with intelligent error correction code (ECC) and data randomization protocols to provide superior performance , superior data integrity, and high reliability and endurance to provide maximum scalability as well as lowered total cost of ownership (TCO).

Novachips Express PCIe SSDsBoth the Scalar-Series and Express-Series of SSDs feature Novachips’ own Hyperlink interface technology that utilizes a serial, point-to-point, daisy-chain ring topology that can connect up to 255 HLNAND devices on a single channel. This enables maintaining maximum channel speed of up to 800MT/s in HLNAND2 regardless of the number of devices connected to the channel. Hyperlink SSD (HLSSD) is a technology that is redefining flash storage solutions via capacity, performance, efficiency and form.

Novachips HLNAND both sidesNovachips’ Scalar-Series and Express-Series of SSDs’ key features include:

  • Industry-leading capacity, up to 8TB or 16TB using a single ASIC SSD controller in 2.5” and FHHL form factor, respectively
  • Enhanced Power Loss Protection (PLP) to maintain data integrity and prevent data loss in the event of an unanticipated power interruption
  • Full end-to-end data protection with advanced error correction routines and in-transit data protection
  • Hardware-based AES-256 encryption
  • Self-encrypting models compliant with TCG Opal 2.0 specification
  • Chip-level RAID data protection in addition to ECC and single die failure recovery
  • Power and thermal throttling with auto peak power control via monitoring of on-board temperature sensor
  • 2 (SFF-8639) standard connector on the Express-Series 2.5” versions
  • Superior data integrity and high reliability featuring 2-dimensional randomization and multi-level bad block management

Novachips HLNAND block diagramNovachip’s Scalar-Series and Express-Series SSDs are currently available to key OEM and ODM partners, and through channel partners. Novachips will be displaying and demonstrating both the Scalar-Series and Express-Series of SSDs at Flash Memory Summit this week in Santa Clara, CA. You can visit Novachips at booth #624 -626.

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  1. blank

    first in NVMe, maybe. but definitely not first in SATA. sandisk has 4TB first in SAS, foremay has 4/8TB both available in 2.5″ SATA a year and half ago.

    • blank

      Companies do tend to “split hairs” a bit when it comes to announcements of being the “first”. This is the first in 2.5″ x 7mm form factor. The ones you are referring to are 2.5″ x 15mm form factor.

      • blank

        isnt foremay 9.5mm? sandisk is also 9.5 i believe but im not that interested in sas so dont remember.

      • blank

        Foremay’s is the oem version of novachips, and is not available yet. Sandisk one is 15mm thick one.

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