Mushkin Lowers Price on Atlas mSATA Line Intent on Top Performance and Best Value

Our Mushkin Atlas mSATA SSD report of last week showed the Atlas as being one of the best SSDs on the market, however, it did have an Achilles Heel with respect to pricing.

We even went so far as to deny the Atlas the much deserved Editor’s Choice recognition as we believed  a difference of $100 between the Atlas and next competitive brand was too much.  To be frank, conversation with respect to credit or denial of the award became very volatile at The Review.

That was then though…

Today, Brian Flood, Director of Product Development at Mushkin, sent us a note and stated this:

“I hope youve been well!  I wanted to thank you for the great review on our Atlas Deluxe 240GB mSATA drive and let you know that we were listening when you posted your conclusion.  We are committed to providing the highest quality and best value in the industry, so we have reduced the pricing on our mSATA drives to provide the best bang for the buck.  We look forward to working with you more in the future and keep up the great work!”

Needless to say, I was quite impressed that Mushkin had considered our advise and, as promised, if the issue of pricing with the Atlas was solved, it would be awarded the well deserved Editor’s Choice.  Our next stop was Newegg where we found pricing for the Atlas to be $84.99, $129.99 and $239.99 for the 60, 120 and 240GB respectively.

Not only did Mushkin drop their 240GB price by $100 to match that of Micron and AData, but they carried it even further and priced the 240GB Atlas $10 lower than any competitors price we have sen yet!

To Brian Flood and the Mushkin family, well done and congratulations on a great SSD!


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  1. blank

    Thanks for the info. Unforchantly they seems to miss there customers in Canada since still have the same old high price.

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