Mushkin Announces REACTOR 1TB SSD Based On Silicon Motion SM2246EN Controller

Mushkin Enhanced Mfg., a leading producer of high-performance digital storage products, is announcing their new REACTOR series of solid-state drives (SSDs) that feature 1TB of capacity. The REACTOR SSD is a great combination of the extreme performance benefits of an SSD and the larger 1TB capacity traditionally only found in mechanical hard drives (HDDs). The REACTOR 1TB SSD features Silicon Motion’s proven SM2246EN NAND controller.

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mushkin reactor banner 1According to Nicolas Villalobos, Director of Global Marketing at Mushkin, “Solid-state drive technology is growing in leaps and bounds. Mushkin has been a leader in unleashing performance-maximizing products for a wide array of consumers, and we are pleased to be able to – once again – offer an SSD solution that can quench the growing need for large-scale data capacity at incredible speeds.”

mushkin reactor frontSilicon Motion’s SM2246EN NAND controller is able to attain sequential data transfer speeds of (up to) 560MB/s reads and (up to) 460 MB/s writes. Random 4K read speeds of (up to) 74,000 IOPS and random 4K write speeds of (up to) 76,000 IOPS are also part of the SM2246EN’s capabilities. Mushkin’s REACTOR 1TB SSD featuring the SM2246EN is an ideal solution for consumers, professionals and gamers seeking a high capacity, high-performance storage device.

SiliconMotion SM2246ENRobert Fan, Vice President and General Manager at Silicon Motion, states that “We are delighted to be teaming up with Mushkin in enabling the leading-edge REACTOR 1TB SSD product. Our alliance based on the SM2246EN controller will bring innovative products which transform the way people work, live and play.”

mushkin reactor profileMushkin’s REACTOR 1TB SSD offers additional features, such as DevSleep (device sleep) mode for ultra-low power consumption, DataRefresh and EarlyRetirement to enable enhanced data integrity, support for S.M.A.R.T. attributes monitoring and reporting, a secure erase option, and support for field firmware updates. The TRIM function is also supported, and Mushkin rates the REACTOR 1TB SSD for a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 1,500,000 hours. Mushkin is backing the REACTOR 1TB SSD to the tune of a three-year warranty.

mushkin reactor rearYou can view the Mushkin press release announcing the REACTOR 1TB SSD in its entirety here; and the REACTOR 1TB SSD product page can be viewed here.

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