Micron Announces M500IT SSD And Embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC) 5.0 Memory For Automotive Applications

Micron Technology, Inc., a world-leading producer of advanced semiconductor devices, is announcing expansion of its automotive solutions lineup with the advent of their M500IT solid-state drive (SSD) and embedded multimedia card (eMMC) 5.0 memory. Both of these products are designed for automotive usage applications.

Micron automotive solutions bannerMicron’s M500IT SSD represents the industry’s first automotive-grade SSD that features AEC-Q100-compliant NAND flash memory components, and system-level qualification for use in certain automotive usage scenarios and conditions. The M500IT is significantly faster than mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs), allowing for system response times that are almost instantaneous, and much faster application load times that are crucial to today’s automotive experiences that are increasingly media-rich.

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Micron’s M500IT SSD includes hardware-based encryption, data-at-rest protection against power loss or interruption, and adaptive thermal monitoring that secures user data under temperature extremes. The M500IT also features AEC-Q100-compliant NAND flash memory technology and custom firmware, providing high performance and high quality for the unique demands of today’s automotive applications.

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Micron is a rarity in that they are a vertically integrated supplier, meaning that they supply all of the components and software used in producing their SSDs. This gives them the unique ability to assure end-to-end quality and total control of design and implementation of their memory components. Micron’s proven expertise in DRAM, NOR and NAND Flash memory technologies transitions seamlessly into their SSDs, delivering the levels of quality, reliability, and application expertise that is only provided via a trusted memory manufacturer.

Micron’s M500IT SSD is being produced in capacity points ranging from 60GB to 240GB, and is to be produced in both 2.5” and mSATA form factors. The M500IT is in qualification with select automotive platform partners, and broader availability is anticipated for mid-2015. Watch this informative behind-the-scenes video about Micron’s rigorous quality control and testing regimens utilized in producing its (in the video’s case under the Crucial name) SSDs (above).

Micron automotive eMMC

Micron’s eMMC 5.0 memory provides the increased degree of innovation, quality and durability required by designers of today’s automotive applications. With eMMC 5.0 memory, Micron is able to deliver supply longevity, long-term support, and Micron’s commitment to deliver zero defects in their technology. Micron’s eMMC devices are fully managed NAND solutions, with industry-standard interfaces and built-in controllers. This dramatically simplifies hardware and software integration, and streamlines the development and qualification process for designers.

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Micron’s automotive lineup of eMMC memory products continues to support the ever-growing needs of navigation and infotainment applications. This includes usages such as 3D mapping, environmental reporting (infrastructure, weather, traffic), car radio, satellite radio, multimedia, voice recognition and E-call technologies. The eMMC 5.0 solution is currently in sampling with select partners, with mass production anticipated for late 2015.

Micron infotainment architecture

You can view the Micron press release announcing these latest automotive-related products here, and you can view Micron’s automotive segment flyer (pdf format) here.

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